Monday, April 29, 2013

Little Red.

A bridal/special occasion shop opened downstairs from my studio. Ivy Jane was enamored by this mermaid dress. Her little finger pointed like an arrow on a compass, she couldn't find words to express her delight and awe.
I am very aware my days at home with this Little Red are numbered and this Spring and Summer are just about to fly by. I love days like today when we are eager to snuggle, play "The Animal Game", Guess Who and be PRESENT with each other. Oh, and this Little Girl gives the best kisses. Every. Single. Time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

That's A Wrap.

Honey Hutters! Are you ready for a beautiful weekend? I have completed many back-burner projects around The Hut this week (which is why I was a little light on posting). I painted our front door (the mat isn't quite right but I'm working on it) and made the pedestal pots too, installed a drip system for some deliciously fragrant plants out front, oh! and planted our vegetable garden (yay!). I haven't been to my studio in two weeks...ugh. But finishing these big projects will hopefully free up some time for me to take The Little Girls to see a local production of The Little Mermaid tomorrow and spray the acre for weeds, and Jackson is coming for a Sweetheart Sleepover, maybe get some yoga in before my body further protests, plus spend more quality time at The Ranch. Speaking of The Ranch, look what's about to bloom! PEONIES! My Mom planted some of these lovelies quite a long time ago, seeing their faces each Spring is like a giant kiss from her. I can't wait.
(Goo and I in a hug on The Ranch this morning)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Manners.

If you don't have Littles, you probably don't think much about manners unless you've had a recent  run-in with someone who abandoned theirs. But for someone like me who is in the trenches of molding Littles into decent humans (fingers crossed), much energy and exhausting consistency is spent approving/disapproving Littles' behaviors. I have extremely high expectations of my Littles behavior, expectations I realize are inherited because my brother seems the same way with his Littles. I don't think I am unreasonable in my expectations and if the Little Girls think I am, they'll speak up. Now that The Little Girls are school age, I rely on a book I used as a teacher; The Essential 55.

(back cover of the book)
What about you, do you spend time and energy on teaching manners? What are your biggest bad manner pet peeves? Me? I loose it when I hear someone say "SHUT UP!" in response to someone else. Like I vehemently hate it and will correct anyone (adult or child) who says it (my blood pressure rose just typing the phrase...) or when someone sticks out their tongue or rolls eyes in response and of course when "Please" and "Thank You" are forgotten. Do you come into contact with adults or children with better manners?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Love Gift.

A package arrived for The Goo today. When I opened the box I gasped, smiled and swallowed a sob in my throat because inside was quilt made by Jenni for Grady, just like the quilts she had made for The Little Girls when they were babies. The Little Girls have always kept their quilts on the bottom half of their beds for a warmer snuggle against cold nights, and now The Goo will do the same. I am in awe of Jenni's gift because I know the many hats she wears each and every day and how impossible it is to find time to sit down and design a quilt for your own child let alone anyone else's. I know she doesn't give this type of love gift to just anyone and so I feel quite lucky to have a friend who has given such a rare, unique and special treasured keepsake to Grady. Lucky indeed. Thank you Jenni. You are so dear to me.

Grady's first realization of his gift.
A love note.
The Little Girls got excited and brought their quilts out for a cuddle too.
Perfect fit.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Today marks my 600th post on The Honey Hut. I never thought this was something I'd keep up...huh...I followed through with this...I'm patting myself on the back right now, it feels good! This blog started off as a way for me to note the joy in my life and serve as a memory album for The Littles. What you don't know is back in 2009 I was struggling. I couldn't find contentment in living in the moment. Quite honestly, I was at a low point. This space manifested an attitude change in me and it's posts and photos sparked a happiness I didn't first imagine possible. I know this blog is one-sided and I don't frequently check in with you readers I know personally (like you Jen, you were there from the very beginning. I miss you!). I thank you, Honey Hutters, for following along and being a witness in my journey.
It all started here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Years ago I found out the hard way I couldn't use Burt's Bees lip balm. I got a painful, itchy, peel-y, red rash around my mouth quickly after my last use of it. About 6 months ago I had to stop using my favorite lip balm (EOS vanilla) because I experienced the same allergic reaction. I got a new chap stick for my birthday and had an allergic reaction to that one too. As each of these allergic episodes passed, I have wondered just which ingredient is giving me so much trouble. Last week I tried a new moisturizer for my face and after the second day of use, I broke out in a terrible allergic rash around my eyes, nose and mouth. After reading up a bit online as well as talking to my friend Theresa (who has an allergy to Methylisothiazolinone, a preservative (formaldehyde) in almost any product a person could use on their body or hair) I have come to two conclusions:
1. I need to see an Allergy Specialist. I did this when I was a kid, the results of my skin test landed me in a situation where I needed allergy shots twice a week for two years, an immunotherapy referred to as Hyposensitization. While other kids had piano lessons or dance class after school, I sat in a doctor's office Tuesdays and Thursdays waiting for the nurse to measure my allergic reaction to the shot I was given 30 minutes earlier. I hate allergy tests (but not needles, I had to get over that quickly).
2. I cannot put anything on my face/body that I wouldn't put directly in my mouth. But really isn't this just common sense? If our skin is our largest organ, and anything you put on it can and will affect you eventually beneath it's surface, shouldn't we be conscientious about what is in the product we are putting on/in our bodies?
Admittedly I am not hyped about seeing a specialist. So until I do, I'm sticking to Chap Stick brand lip balm (the black label), incidentally my favorite gift on my 3rd birthday many years ago. And for my face, this at night:
and this during the day:

 I'm three days in and no allergic reaction...fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mixing Old With New.

A while back I found a small milk-glass lamp ($3.00) at the thrift store and fell in love. What I didn't realize was how difficult it was going to be to find a shade to fit the lamp, one that didn't make it look too old-timey. Sometimes I fear my granny antique-y finds will not have enough modern counterparts to make them look interesting instead of just old or weird. After weeks of looking at the same thrift shop, a shade popped up in it's original packaging, brand new ($.50). I hated the fabric but the shape was good. Today I painted it in gold stripes, here was my process.
Original shade in a beige shiny fabric.
Step 1: Paint the shade white.
Step 2: Tape above the binding with 1 inch wide painter's tape. Then mark every inch after the tape to make the stripe pattern.
Step 3: Tape every other inch.
These are the colors I used.
Step 4: Paint between the rows of tape with gold. Allow paint to dry.
Step 5: Once paint is dry, pull off tape to expose the white stripes underneath, then tape over the gold and touch up with white to ensure straight lines, allow paint to dry.
The end result.
Thoughts: When the lamp is on, every mistake is visible. At first I was disappointed. Then after a while and from a short distance, the shade looked like an old painted canvas re-purposed into a lamp shade. The light is soft and inviting because of the stripes and so for now (or until I come up with something I like better), I'm happy with this project.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Love Note.

Do you see it? Do you? We were playing "I spy" last night in the hot tub at The Ranch. The clouds were traveling so quickly in the wind, the horizon was unreal. This heart-shape break in the clouds came at a peaceful moment, my heart felt a twang. I felt loved and hugged. I thought of my Mom.
Was your weekend lovely? Did you get the rest you needed for this coming week? Friday night I went to Book N Hookers, the book of the month was this. I didn't read it...but I wish I would have. I host for May, I am a tad nervous but mostly excited. This is the book I decided on. Would you like to read with us? Please do.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Goo's Room.

While tidying up The Goo's room yesterday I realized I should take a couple photos to prove it has looked organized and finished even if just for a few seconds (there's a reason I'm only showing you one and a half walls...oh if only you could see the chaos of toys and whatnot behind the lens here...ha!).
This room has always been a work in progress and I have so enjoyed finding bits and pieces at thrift stores or antique fairs and putting in some time on my sewing machine. For example I found the Dwell Studio bedding second hand and in pristine condition for $3.00 and I about peed my pants with excitement over my discovery/the price since it was my first choice originally yet was discontinued in the color/pattern I had hoped for (of course I found it a year after I had originally looked...patience grasshopper...). The letters I purchased for $1.75/each from Anthropologie. The animal artwork on the left hand wall is by Ryan Berkley. I made the bed skirt and the curtains, Tim's Great Auntie Lily made the afghan on the chair, the green dresser is from this post and my Aunt Carolyn gifted Grady the animal mobile. My lovely friend Sharon painted the little fox in the upper right hand corner and the other two prints I picked up here and there.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


At 6:30 in the evening, The Littles start getting antsy. They know The Store is closed and Tim will be making his way home. The excitement starts with all three Littles at the door (weather permitting) or scoping out hiding spots to give Tim a good scare as he walks through the door. Then the Little Girls find interest elsewhere and The Goo mans his post waiting patiently as each car passes. He makes himself comfortable with his blankets and a favorite truck and just passes the time hopefully and happily. Yesterday was the perfect example of this and I was finally able to capture the anticipation from where I stood cooking dinner.
The Littles at 6:20.
The Goo realizes he is the last Little standing in wait.
Looking out from his perch.
Yay! He's home safe and sound.
And all is well at The Honey Hut.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lavender Lilacs.

Back in November I cut back our lilac bush quite far and I was sure it wouldn't bloom in the Spring. I was wrong, and it is really showing off and thanking me for a much needed trim. The blossoms are so sweet and cheery, so I brought many inside and placed them around.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dreamy Weekend.

While The Goo dreams of tractors and other machinery on The Ranch, I dream of lovely afternoon naps on the sofa.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Found: This entry in Savannah's school journal yesterday.
Note To Self: MAKE TIME FOR THIS (and not just for Savannah Jane, but for one-on-one time with Ivy and Goo too).

Found: Best Friends.
So Mollie Mae is living with us while my Dad is away. Honestly, I don't know how she and Pug will be able to live apart from here on out. Also, the smell of these two mutts is lip-curlingly rank. When the sun comes out they are getting baths.
So what's happening this weekend Honey Hutters? I am looking forward to a BBQ tonight with new friends (who live around the corner, yay!) spending some time on The Ranch and some Spring cleaning. Whatever it is you are up to friends, Happy Weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cork? Yes Please.

I have been on the search for a fun neutral shoe for Spring. Of course the one I would love to buy is way out of my price range and budget. Nevertheless, I have been saving up and hoping to stumble upon something great and yet reasonable.

This is the lovely expensive shoe I fell hard for Kate Spade: $298.
Today I found this one at T.J. Maxx: $40.
And actually, it looks a lot like this one also Kate Spade: $228. 
What do you think?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


(Ivy and I, photo by Melody. I can almost feel exactly how Ivy does in this picture by putting myself in her place but on my Mom's lap...safest place in the universe.)
Today my Mom would have celebrated her 61st birthday. Ten years ago today she celebrated her last birthday. I remember I painted a horrible un-likeness of her cat "Bunny" and gifted it to her. While cleaning out the hall closet last week I found the painting. Ugh, it was ugly. I threw it in the trash.
Currently I am taking care of The Ranch while my Dad is on vacation. I walked the property today thinking of my Mom and as the neighbor drove his tractor through the rows of orchards, the sound of the engine took me back to growing up there in that house on that land.
Recently my grief for my Mom has struck me at odd times but mostly I long for her when having a conversation with women her age. Yesterday while waiting in the doctor's office, a lady sat very closely to me, she was the age my Mom would be now. She asked if I had a Mary Kay consultant and I didn't even care how badly she wanted to sell me something, I was desperate to have a conversation with this woman. Our interaction was immediately over as I was called back by a nurse. The rest of the afternoon I had one thought...I am starving for my Mom. 
Today I celebrate my Mom's life and the love I was so lucky to receive from her. I am incredibly thankful I had her here with me as long as I did.