Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Round Here.

Do your Littles have the whole week off for Thanksgiving? I'm so thankful mine do. This week has been about snuggles, watching movies, forts, visiting friends and reconnecting with each other.
Perhaps you've noticed, perhaps not, when things are a little quiet at The Honey Hut there is usually a very good reason. Ivy Jane has always been a complex little human. From the moment she was born and the doctor put her on my chest, she peeked up at me and I knew she was unsettled. She has always been sensitive and shy, and overtly anxious. She is introverted and needs to power-down after most group settings. She thrives one-on-one interaction, feeling heard and cherished. These last two months of school have been particularly difficult, her anxiety is frustrating for her and is crippling her educational growth. I've been observing her more regularly and watching for signs when she may need to refuel in solitude and through comfort. I have been exploring alternative healing like craniosacral therapy and Accunect, in both therapies there have been improvements. As a family we are attending this seminar this weekend and early next week have a very important appointment which I hope to share more about here in the future. It feels good to be on this side of the storm, the progress side and heading toward resolution.

Monday, November 24, 2014


These two sweeties have been hanging close to us lately. Whenever one of us sits down, Izzie-pug is maneuvering for the most comfy position on our lap. Genevieve doesn't want to rest on a lap but she does want to keep close, enough so that if she feels like squeaking out a meow, a hand will promptly comply with a scratch. And they are back to their wrestling now that Genevieve is healed up from her spay. Izzie innocently walks by and kitty attacks like a ninja, landing on her back from a high and holding on til the pup goes down. Then its all ankle-biting and ear-nipping.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Out And About On Oahu.

We went on a few outings while on Oahu, revisiting some of Tim and my favorite spots like The Dole Plantation! I could not wait for The Littles to try their first Dole Whip! (why do they melt so fast?)
They loved it.
While walking around the property, I turned to Tim and said, "This is like Hawaii's Apple Hill." and then we kind of made fun of ourselves a bit for being tourists. I did take away from Dole learning something new, and this is a bit garden-nerdy but, did you know it takes 1 pineapple plant 48 months to produce just 3 fruits? No wonder they are pricey at the market. 4 years for only 3 fruits...crazy.
We drove north across the island to Waimea Bay to watch the big wave surfers. The beach was closed but we watched carefully from the dune above, barely making out the ant-like figures on the distant horizon trying to catch a big one. We saw some great rides and some terrifying crashes.
On another day we visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
Tim and I have been before but since Savannah is reading a book on Pearl Harbor we wanted to make sure and fit a visit in on the trip. We didn't drag it out with the guided tour or visit to any other historic sites at the museum. Just the movie and the boat trip. A lot was lost on The Littles, so difficult to understand the magnitude of the events leading up to Pearl Harbor let alone the aftermath. One thing not lost on them was this floating cemetery. We have visited my Mom's grave enough for Littles to understand the reverence and sad contemplation of visitors while visiting a cemetery.

On a different day Grandma and Grandpa took the Grand Little Girls to a sea life park!
Look how friendly these tropical birds were!
They came back from their trip telling stories of sweet birds, the turtles, penguins and Addie swimming with Dolphins!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ko Olina.

You guys. I don't even know where to begin sharing with you our Botting family trip to Oahu, Hawaii. This trip was a celebration of Tim's parents' recent retirement! We are so thankful they invited us to visit them midway through their 6 week stay on the islands.
Group photo. Tim's sister Angela and her family on the left, Gordon and Margaret in the middle.
This photo captures such a funny moment when this luau chief called all the children up for a hula competition. Ivy was clinging to me in the audience, but as you can see Goo, Savannah and Addie were ready to join in.
These girl cousins had such sweet time together.
We stayed at Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club. Great location, beautiful beachfront property, fun family activities and gorgeous sunsets.

I took advantage of the time difference with my body clock and got up each morning with the sun for a quiet run up and down the shore. This is the view from the cove south of Marriott, looking north up the coastline.
Our days here looked like this: get up and do schoolwork, eat a big breakfast and head to the beach. We stayed as long as we could, then went back inside for lunch and right back out to the pool or beach again for the afternoon until dinner.
Goo was not interested in the water the first few days, so while Tim taught the girls to boogie board, he and I sat in the sand and made tracks for his cars, castles and tunnels.
The best was when Grandma and The Little Girls played in the water together. It was endearing to see them in conversation and enjoying their time together while playing on this float.
Early on I asked Margaret to take a photo of just Tim and I. So glad I did as we didn't make time for it later in the trip, too busy taking snaps of The Littles.

Monday, November 10, 2014


Aloha from Hawaii! This is the view Savannah and I chased on our morning run. I think it's the first morning of a stay on the islands that is the most brilliant. The light here is dreamy no matter the time of day. And how can the air possibly smell this sweet EVERYWHERE! We are soaking up the sun and making angels in the sand. It's so fun to be here with The Littles.

Friday, November 7, 2014


This week was a doozy. I started out wrestling with an intense sore throat and achiness that has only today eased up and now I feel much better. But with minimum school day schedule all week for parent teacher conferences and Tim working terribly late each night I haven't rested like I've needed. I feel like I've come up for air only to worry I'll sink back into sick. Crossing fingers...
This morning The Little Girls were up early playing Legos while I sat drank my coffee and listened. Childhood is so imaginative and magical. Their storylines and character voices were such diverting entertainment. They had no idea how interested I was in their play.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Harvest Run.

Sunday was the 35th annual Apple Hill Harvest Run! All proceeds from this event go to The Little Girls' school. We look forward to this event each year when this tiny community comes alive bright and early for a crisp autumn morning run.
Ivy and Amani ran the kids fun run 1/2 mile together and Savannah, Wrenna, Krista, Tara and I ran the 3.5 mile race.
pictured here with friends Colby and Aiden.
Little Girlfriends.
In the end (he he), we walked up to Tara's house for some coffee and a recap of a beautiful and exciting morning. Oh, and this guy? Sean Gregg? He came in 1st place! Last year's post here.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This year Savannah was our kitty Genevieve, Grady was a contractor and Ivy was a leopard. At The Little Girls' school there is a Halloween parade all the students participate in and then each has a class party with food, crafts and games. Goo and I shuffled around between each of The Little Girls classes and enjoyed seeing all the costumes. We spent the afternoon playing with Wrenna and Amani then headed to Great Grandpa and Grandma's house for a visit and annual photo.
My Grandma greeted The Littles in her witch costume!
Typically we trick-or-treat on Main Street in Placerville but because of the rain/lack of energy we decided to stay in Camino and just visit the homes in Tara's neighborhood. So The Potter's brought chicken soup, Tara made chicken and rice and we all had a delicious dinner before heading out into the rain. Recognizing neighbors from the block party last weekend, at each house all 7 Littles thought they were supposed to go inside for a visit! Apparently these country kids see this trick-or-treating tradition a bit differently. My Littles were wet, cold and tired after 7 houses.  
Once we were home we went next door to Nita's house as a finale.