Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This year Savannah was our kitty Genevieve, Grady was a contractor and Ivy was a leopard. At The Little Girls' school there is a Halloween parade all the students participate in and then each has a class party with food, crafts and games. Goo and I shuffled around between each of The Little Girls classes and enjoyed seeing all the costumes. We spent the afternoon playing with Wrenna and Amani then headed to Great Grandpa and Grandma's house for a visit and annual photo.
My Grandma greeted The Littles in her witch costume!
Typically we trick-or-treat on Main Street in Placerville but because of the rain/lack of energy we decided to stay in Camino and just visit the homes in Tara's neighborhood. So The Potter's brought chicken soup, Tara made chicken and rice and we all had a delicious dinner before heading out into the rain. Recognizing neighbors from the block party last weekend, at each house all 7 Littles thought they were supposed to go inside for a visit! Apparently these country kids see this trick-or-treating tradition a bit differently. My Littles were wet, cold and tired after 7 houses.  
Once we were home we went next door to Nita's house as a finale.


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