Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Round Here.

Do your Littles have the whole week off for Thanksgiving? I'm so thankful mine do. This week has been about snuggles, watching movies, forts, visiting friends and reconnecting with each other.
Perhaps you've noticed, perhaps not, when things are a little quiet at The Honey Hut there is usually a very good reason. Ivy Jane has always been a complex little human. From the moment she was born and the doctor put her on my chest, she peeked up at me and I knew she was unsettled. She has always been sensitive and shy, and overtly anxious. She is introverted and needs to power-down after most group settings. She thrives one-on-one interaction, feeling heard and cherished. These last two months of school have been particularly difficult, her anxiety is frustrating for her and is crippling her educational growth. I've been observing her more regularly and watching for signs when she may need to refuel in solitude and through comfort. I have been exploring alternative healing like craniosacral therapy and Accunect, in both therapies there have been improvements. As a family we are attending this seminar this weekend and early next week have a very important appointment which I hope to share more about here in the future. It feels good to be on this side of the storm, the progress side and heading toward resolution.

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