Monday, August 29, 2011

Animal Necklaces.

Every morning after Savannah is dropped off at school, Ivy asks to do a craft out of The Honey Hut. I love how she knows the treasures our backyard art house holds and what creativity is born there. Here is a project we worked on last week. I stumbled upon this idea here.
 It's simple; I bought necklace chains and ribbons at Walmart. I looked under the couch, inside shoes and the toy box for The Little Girls' favorite animals. I cut the chains to the desired lengths and attached fastener, tied ribbons to the chains and animals necks and ta-DA.
 Of course we couldn't leave her Ce Ce out.
And I couldn't wait to get Ivy's warthog around my own neck.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Beesley of SugarPlumb* Cottage.

 The catalyst of my trip to Utah was to celebrate the recent wedding of Tamber and Jordan.
 They invited their families and closest friends to party in their family garden. There were so many charming and endearing touches that went into the planning and decorating, really showcasing the warmth that is Tamber and Jordan.
(l-r; Teke, Tamber, and Tate)
 Tamber used her quilting squares as napkins and individually wrapped each of the silver forks (I think Jordan collected all of these from thrift stores, right Tamber?). It was hard to choose which fork to use! After the cloths are washed I was told she plans to make their wedding quilt using these squares.
 Photos of Jordan (left) and Tamber (right).

For dessert? Soft serve Ice Cream, Jordan's favorite.

College Friends.
 (r-l; Nicole, Tamber, Eva and I)

 Eva and Tamber catching up.

 As favors Tamber and Jordan made, MADE! canned goods for all the guests. I took quite a few of the left overs, so far I've tried the Habanero Gold (scrumptious) and devoured the Dill Pickles (Tamber, you need to sell these puppies, I could make a large order right now).

One more of the Snarr girls, aren't they lovely?

The SWEETEST wedding dance I've ever seen.

 Oh and Grady was there too, looking handsome in his Party best.

*not a misspelling. 
photo credits: Tate K. and Teke S.
Thanks Lovelies !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Park City.

 Grady and I took a trip to Utah last weekend. It was such a special time, just he and I. We stayed with our sweet friends Kristi, Todd, Hudson and Reese who are recent transplants to Park City. Give me the chance to stay in the comfort of a friend's house any day over the formality of a hotel, I love seeing how other people live and relate to their environment and Park City is such a "outdoor living-year around" town. Their family is thriving in their new home. Kristi is an amazing cook and spoiled me extra rotten by sharing recipes and delicious food. She showed me all around her NEW town but there was so much to see, we ran out of time. A good excuse to visit again.
 Reese is walking and growing so fast! Isn't she precious?
 Reese and Grady "playing".
I woke up Sunday morning to coffee and Batman. My little buddy Hudson was so helpful with Grady and I adored having a little boy sidekick while out shopping and playing. He kept me entertained every waking minute. I got a good glimpse into my near future of raising a boy by spending time with Hudson (I'm so excited!). Isn't he the BEST superhero?
Thank you Kristi and Todd for hosting Grady and I. Your hospitality will make my planning a return trip SO easy. I miss you all.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School.

 Before I had kids I taught Jr. High school. Each first day of school I never thought about how those early morning jitters and nerves affected  my students, I was too nervous myself to think about what the parents and their kids were going through those moments before the bell rang. As of yesterday I am fully aware of the emotional cliffs a parent has to talk their young child out of jumping off in order to function enough to walk out of the comfort a home provides and into the unknowns of her classroom. It was hard for me too, I struggle with not knowing what my child is up to while away from me, if she is using her manners and if she is happy. She is so little, is someone watching her? My fears and nerves were eased the moment we walked into the classroom and Mrs. Reeves welcomed Savannah with a big hug. There is no place more homey than her care.
 Ivy waiting at the bus stop.
The moment she stepped off the bus she said, "I don't want school to be over!"
 This is a happy kid.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


On Sunday The Little Girls went to The Ranch while I went looking for a "unicorn" dress to wear to a wedding event, a near impossible mission based on this post-pregnancy canvas. While I was out, Deeds sent me a text about Ivy hitting her head on a rock and how she needed her blanket which she forgot at home. I called right away to find out that this owie was substantial and Dee Dee feared a concussion. When I got home and saw Ivy, I cried. Cried for how badly it looked and cried that I wasn't there to comfort her and kiss her tears away. 
The vomiting started around 1:30 in the morning. We immediately grabbed kids and left for the hospital to see a doctor. After more vomiting, spending the rest of the night/morning in the emergency room, waffling back and forth about getting a CT scan, getting said CT scan and pediatrician visit later, a concussion was confirmed and anything more serious ruled out. Today is our first day with out tummy-aches and vomiting, her headache is gone and I believe she is on the mend with a gnarly goose egg and greenish-purple bruising. Having a injured/sick child is surely a special sort of hell that I hope to have very limited experience in.
 Did you know that a CT scan's radiation output is the equivalent of being exposed to 100 x-rays? Yikes! This scary fact is why we waffled as we did.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The last few days have been a rough start to Ivy's fourth year (a future post).
That being said, this is how we spent her big day.
 The Birthday Hat. I LOVE the Birthday Hat. Ivy does not. I laid a heavy guilt trip on her to wear it for a photo. I'm not sure The Birthday Hat will be worn by Ivy in the future.
 All she wanted for her birthday was a Pillow Pet. She has waited for her "Dolphint" since Christmas. Yes, she cried happy tears.
 We drove to Jackson for an impromptu picnic at Detert Park.
 Then stopped in Sutter Creek for Ice Cream.
 The owner plays the raddest tunes on his old piano. The music transports you to the Wild West and you have to watch the door for you feel like Billy the Kid is about to make a grand entrance.
Back at home we ate lemon yogurt cake and celebrated with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Sylvia.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Goodbye 3.

 Tomorrow is Ivy's fourth birthday!
Have I mentioned how much I love the age of 3? I do. I really, really do. And so does Ivy. She has been saying, "I'm really going to miss being three..." since April when she realized that her birthday would change her age forever. Up until that point she had decided she was going to stay three forever and break all rules of numerical aging and it's symbiosis with a birth day. I was all for that. But I am celebrating her last few precious hours of being three. Ivy, my complexly emotional little girl. Three has been so very good to her and for us a magical year of her life.
oh...have you ever seen this?
A gift from Sharon The Great shortly after Ivy was born.
It is the "thing" I'd wish to run back into a burning house in order to save.