Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Meet what The Goo calls "our baby cat".
She sleeps a lot and is super cute. When she is awake, she is very entertaining. The Littles, though scratched as can be, are in love with her and Pug is happy to have a playmate. She is feisty and so my hope is she will prove to be an excellent gopher-er.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Wrenna And Wright's Lake.

Our Little Girlfriend Wrenna just turned 8. For her birthday she chose to celebrate on a Saturday at Wright's Lake.
(here with her sister Amani)
Amani and Ivy found this uniquely colored and patterned moth. This photo doesn't quite capture the depth of it's orange and pink wings.
Little Girls played and giggled in the meadow beside the lake. Wrenna received walkie-talkies (two way radios) as a gift from her friend Gemma, apparently walkie-talkies are THE PERFECT GIFT!
Ivy getting the hang of it.
Savannah and Gemma playing house.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tamarack Lake.

Tim and Savannah had a fun overnight backpack trip in Desolation Wilderness. They saw many day hikers as well as long distance hikers traveling through on the Pacific Crest Trail. Funnily enough they saw our friends Nancy and Sean Schoonover on the trail! 
Savannah was a great hiker, Tim says she was a champ the whole 4.5 mile hike in to Tamarack Lake. She didn't complain even one time.
One very special detail about this trip, our dear friends Shannon, Rebekah and Hannah joined in too. They hiked in a little later and stayed one night longer than Tim and Savannah. Shannon, Rebekah and Tim used to backpack together as kids, what fun it must be for them to experience this type of nature with their children now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Backpacking Bound.

These two left early this morning for Savannah's first overnight backpack trip.
I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear how the trip went and insanely jealous that my broken toe is keeping me away from the fun!
(match-y match-y by accident)

Tahoe Getaway.

Eva and her Littles invited us to an overnight stay and play at their Tahoe cabin. We spent some quality time between naps at Tallac Beach, watching the weather and waves while chatting and encouraging Littles to get sandy.
Robbie entertained the others back at the cabin with his uncle John's shark book which then turned into some fun imaginative play for all. These Littles played Sharks, Monkeys, Ironman Superman and Princesses, Goodguys and Badguys...basically they just ran around the cabin many times and into the meadow a bit too. The trip was a nice break, we do so love going to the cabin and enjoying Lake Tahoe. Thanks Eva.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Date.

Savannah and I took a date overnight together... just she and I. We stayed at our friend Shannon's house in Oakland, spoiled ourselves at Pizziaolo and headed into the city.
Savannah ordered her first decaf Americano, after one sip said it was delicious and then left the rest for me to drink.
We spent Saturday in the city at Fort Mason, perusing the booths at The Renegade Craft Fair. The talent of the vendors was inspiring.
We got a quick bite at Greens, the flavors of the vegetarian cuisine were divine.
I haven't spent this much alone time with Savannah since before Ivy was born. We enjoyed some cherished mommy/daughter time. 8 years old is too fun to not spend quality one on one time together. She was so thankful and happy to have me to herself. Pure joy.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Critters, Kidders and Gitters.

Critters: We have 3 young skunks living under our house. They are really funny to watch, they posture and fight and root around. But I've grown tired of them and the mess they make.

Kidders: Tate and Ian came to visit! We see these boys once a year and Littles eek out as much playtime as they can. Goo was very excited to have 2 big boys around.
Gitters: You know what doesn't ever get old? When your young hen lays her first egg and you find out her color. Tiny (white Americana) lays BLUE! We found out Ivory's (Buff Orpington) lays, appropriately, IVORY! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beetroot, Bees and A Big Boy Bed.

The beets in my garden are delicious, we've been gobbling them up as soon as their shoulders show at the soil's surface.
Krista and I did a bee check and I am delighted we have added a super to our second hive! In beekeeping, the keeper always leaves the original box untouched. The original box is winter food supply for the bees as well as the center of the hive. Any boxes (supers) a keeper adds to the original box is for the keeper. We now have 2 supers meaning we are confident to have plenty of honey for the bees, the Potters and the Bottings.
(2nd super not shown here)
Grady got a Big Boy Bed he call his "Tractor-Backhoe Bed" for his birthday. And while he has been "camping out" in The Little Girls' room these last couple nights, he has done well the nights he did sleep in his new bed.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Grady has been so excited for his "happy birthday". This morning he woke up cheerful and ready for us to sing to him (he sings along with you and also he says "Happy Birthday" back to you instead of "Thank You" and you know what? It feels nice to be wished a happy birthday when it isn't your birthday... he is a sweet boy.
Opening cards and gifts, this one from Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Scot. He was in awe of how far it had traveled when I told him Wyoming is so far away.
All Goo wanted to do for his happy birthday was to take a ride on Grandpa Ddnnn Ddnnn's tractor-backhoe. And he got it. He was so happy to sit on Grandpa Dan's lap and steer, sharing the trip with his sisters.
And then he got his own! Now he can play tractor-backhoe with his Lego guys anytime he wants.
2 was fantastic but 3 looks pretty good on this Goo.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Last Day Of 2.

Having a Goo who is 2 has been such fun. I am intent on enjoying every second out of this last day of '2'.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Morning Garden Check.

I haven't spent much time in my garden this week (and was out of town the previous week) but this morning's cool breeze and soft light pulled me west down The Hut's acre.

Standing in the middle, the view to the West: peppers, okra, tomatillos, golden zucchini, Lebanese squash, patti pans, carrots, radishes, lemon cucumbers, corn, tomatoes and peas.
The view to the East: Beets, lots of tomatoes, cabbages, strawberries, spinach, malabar and lettuce green.