Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Parliament (formerly known as Stitch and Bitch).

This past Sunday for Art Parliament, my sweet friend Rebekah and I got together to make a costume for her daughter Hannah's school performance in The Wizard of Oz. She plays both Glenda and a munchkin. Hannah's brother Taitan is cast as the Tin Man. I'm so excited to take the girls to see Hannah and Taitan sing solos and act their parts, we are going twice! Hannah had a very clear vision of what she wanted her munchkin outfit to look like. Here she is modeling both the final apron/tutu she will wear as a munchkin plus her Glenda crown. Savannah saw that crown and looked very longingly at it as it is the epitome of a princess crown.

Rebekah has always been the mom I have looked up to most second to my own Mom. She is fun and warm and kind and reasonable and silly and loving and patient and firm when she needs to be. She really knows her kids and respects them and their ideas. She encourages them to be as creative as they want to be. She answers every question and gives reasons why or why not. Her children love and adore her and so do I. She is the same in her friendships. I am so blessed to know her. And besides all that, she calls me "dolly". I love it.

(Art Parliament is a creative gathering between my friends Shannon, Rebekah and myself. Stay tuned to this blog for future postings about said gatherings.)
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