Friday, November 30, 2012


Sometimes I feel as if I am avoiding one mess by creating another. The battle of "The Lesser of Two Messes". While cooking dinner last night and trying to keep Goo out of the Christmas decorations, I gave him a yogurt and a spoon and let him have at it. Goo did what Goo does best-first he gobbled then he gooed.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mendocino Village and Point Cabrillo Light Station.

This iconic building greets travelers from every direction in Mendocino Village.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch from a favorite cafe and window shopped through the quaintly flowered streets.
Aunt Deeds and her lovies.
Jenny and her Hank-opotamus.

We walked out to the local light station and to our delight the buildings have undergone a recent re-gentrification and now once again look like they did in 1906. There is a geological anomaly here at Point Cabrillo just off the bluff behind the lighthouse. The curator of the museum told us the rock table we could see at low tide is a "barnacle exfoliate" for whales as they travel south from Alaska (October-ish) and then again north from Mexico (March-ish).
 (rock table directly behind us)
Little Girls playing on the porch of the Light Keeper's House (it is available as a vacation rental, fun! photo here.) and in the misty meadow.

Monday, November 26, 2012


If you ever get the opportunity to visit Mendocino/Fort Bragg, please visit MacKerricher State Park. Once the Mendocino Indian Reservation and later a small logging operation, MacKerricher is now a free park to all visitors who wish to play at it's dunes, headlands, wetlands, beaches, bluffs and forests. My favorite activities are watching the harbor seals at the end of the boardwalk and of course, tide-pooling.
Jared and Jackson, tide-pooling.
 Pointing out starfish, anemones, slugs and fish.
 All The Littles were afraid of hurting any creatures by standing on them, Jack poked at a couple "sea-squirts" and Ivy held a hermit crab. Savannah just cried and cried at how we weren't being respectful of the creatures home. (Special thanks to Deeds for the photos and taking care of Ivy while Savannah lamented the injustices of our every step.)
 Sea creatures at low tide.
 Goo. The mer-man.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


 Even though we were out of town for the holiday, I decided to go ahead with roasting a turkey. And while this meant I was in the kitchen a large majority of the day, I still got outside to momentarily fly a kite with My Littles.
While I cooked, Goo adorably did this. I couldn't wait to sit and eat, get that dinner snuggle from him.
Hank dressed up for dinner.
Aunt Jenny took The Littles picking and collecting in the eucalyptus foliage for a centerpiece. It was perfect.
I can cook it, but I can't carve it. Thanks Jared.
The dinner table. Oh Tim...
Finally getting a Goo snuggle.
Finishing up the day playing while the sun set.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On Holiday.

Good morning from Fort Bragg!
We are on holiday with my brother's family and sister Deanna too. We have been looking forward to this trip for so long, it doesn't seem real to be breathing in this salty sea air.
This pretty toadstool greeted me on my morning run, a whimsical surprise in the vibrant green foliage.
This is our view for the next few days, I feel like I'm wasting my time here if I'm not looking at the waves every second we are here.
We are relaxing in the hot tube, flying kites, playing loopsies, trains and enjoying some quality family time. 
Tomorrow I'll cook my Maple Roasted Turkey and we'll celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by The Honey Hut, have a lovely holiday. I'm off to look at the sea.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What About Goo.

Grady-Goo is very busy lately. While Molly Mae stayed with us, he did his best to make her feel welcome. Boy and dog shared many snuggles and snacks. Every time we walked in the door he went to the window like this pointed at Molly and nodded saying, "dis, dis". I'd let her in on her mat and she watched him ride his bike around the living room.
Molly is now at home with Grandpa Dan, but this doesn't stop The Goo from marching to the window and pointing shaking his head from side to side.
This tiger gets lots of hugs and ahhs now that Molly isn't around.
Without canine distraction, The Goo is back to being very quiet. Which means he is likely standing on a chair or in this case, crawling on the table for a better view at Ivy painting her fingernails.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feeling Saucy.

On Saturday we canned 37(!) quarts of applesauce. Here are some photos of our process, it was a full day project ending in yummy rewards. I am always amazed by the messiness of this project. Sticky sweet juice and apple bits everywhere later becomes tasty sauce in tidy jars.
Thank you Jenni for all the help peeling and coring, and Dee Dee for entertaining My Littles while I worked in the kitchen.