Thursday, November 8, 2012


Can you tell what this is? I'm sure you'll never guess.
It's my 81 year old Grandma taking My Littles on wagon rides.
Just a kid at heart. As soon as we pulled out of her driveway Ivy said, "When can we take another wagon ride with Great Grandma?"
In other news, the weather has severely changed here at The Honey Hut. Yesterday the high was 72 degrees. Today 39. We expect snow and wind, I dare say my pistachio tree will unlikely ripen to her ruby red brightness. I have been burning and raking all morning, trying to beat the storm. Molly Mae is staying with us over the weekend, so all shoes and toys are up and out of mammoth-Mastiff-jaw reach.
Goo's trucks sit on my new table. I'm waving my white flag at these leaves and heading inside to sit by the fire.

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