Friday, October 29, 2010

Greenwich and East Villages, Meatpacking District.

 Quite frequently this last weekend I'd turn a corner or cross the street and my nose directed me to what my eyes had not yet seen, a flower stand. How deliciously sweet these city street moments are! This was a flower shop in Greenwich Village.
 I adore the brownstones (this one a home turned restaurant), and the stoops cast iron railings.
 Oh Marc Jacobs. Little, really? You blow my mind. But if I can't afford to wear your clothes, my Little Girls can't either.
 I ♥ this window display.
 Magnolia Bakery. If they would not have run out of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, I would have bought one.
 The High Line. (Meatpacking District)
View from High Line to the Hudson River/Statue of Liberty.
 Mike and Jo, Leilani's Brother and Sister-in-law (more about those sweethearts coming soon), took us out to dinner in the East Village and to an old friend's Pub. I grew up with Eric Baker, the proprietor of St. Dymphna's, and seeing how he has "made it" in NYC gave me a proud smile.
Eric and staff, the busy-ness of the bar.
 Mike and Eric, high school and now New York buddies.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Brooklyn Flea.

 My Best Girl Leilani and I took a holiday to New York City. First on the list? The Brooklyn Flea. I fell in love just walking down the streets, thinking of ways my family could enjoy living in these neighborhoods if we transplanted here.
Many booths looked like any antique fair, while others were food-vendors and artists. The artists didn't like their art photographed (understandably) which means you will just have to go yourselves and see what beautiful jewelry and paper products the Flea offers.
This is one such artist telling me not to take a photo, she recanted when I bought a piece. Can you guess which one? 
 Oh, I loved this booth. The gentleman here was selling old small restaurant/bar trays, which once held a glass and the bill. I bought two, I wish I'd have bought more.
 Statement ring anyone?
 This vintage clothier was a gold mine. I pulled out a pair of sand colored cowboy boots and a very Jackie O. coin purse. Yes, $10 total.
 Had this bench been at the Sacramento Antique Faire, I'd have bought it. It is now my "unicorn" bench.
 Oh, and this metal dresser too. Swoon.
And in the mirror? The shoppers, behind the camera.

Stay tuned for more of my big city adventure!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Hello Honey Hutters. I'm headed to New York for a couple of days, I'll be back next week with the details of my big city adventure. Have a great weekend. To watch a video of what I plan on doing while there, go here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


It occurs to me that I may not have been a diligent elementary student. I remember liking school and enjoying my teachers, but when it came down to turning in quality work or doing my very best, I may have fallen short. Today while I taught 80 students how to organize their art portfolios, I had this epiphany and I yearned for a do over. I longed to go back to second grade and more carefully construct my pilgrim hat. I wanted to be in third grade again, working on my "Green Thumb Science Project". Today it was obvious who the over-achievers and the average-achievers were and for a moment I wanted to be little like they are, still caring to impress their teachers and parents. While mentally swimming in the quandary of my past diligence or lack there of, a student named Gage came to my desk. Gage is in third grade, he likes me. He always compliments me on what I am wearing and truthfully I think he bears a little crush for me. He says to me with quivering chin, "Teacher, Stephen says you are too strict." and I reply, "He did? Good." and Gage states, "but Teacher you aren't too strict you are a good teacher." and I say, "I don't mind if he thinks I'm too strict, it doesn't hurt my feelings." Gage smiles, a little confused as to why I'm taking this 'strictness' nonsense as a compliment, and heads back to his desk. I may not have been a diligent student, but what I lacked back then I am trying to make up for that by being a good, albeit strict teacher.

p.s. Welcome Jed to the Honey Hut. Thanks for following, I'm looking forward to reading that new blog.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Year.

Last October I got happy, put my cares on the shelf, changed my attitude towards life and decided to blog about it. It feels good to chronicle daily life and The Little Girls' milestones, The Honey Hut is their scrapbook and my journal. I am happy to share with you, and so it is with a smile and a sincere thank you that I think back on daily posts, your comments and loyalty. Please keep reading, and if you'd like to be follower, you can do so by clicking the "Follow" box in the top left hand corner of this page, next to the search box (it makes me feel good to see who follows this blog, who I'm sharing my life and children with. I often wonder who is looking...). If you'd like to start at the beginning, you can do so here.
Happy Birthday Honey Hut!
(image: M. Holland)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Webbing, Part 2

 Rebekah getting Shannon ready for her webbing day.
 A breathtaking view.
The couple's loving guests.
 A glimpse of The Hacienda.
 Before Shannon's entrance, guests walked in silent concentric circles.
 Shannon and her Dad, Kip.
 Shannon and Ross.
 The getaway vehicle of choice? The Xtracycle.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Webbing, Part 1.

Our Shiny Shannon got married this weekend in Carmel, she and her guy called it a Webbing (see below for definition). We stayed at a friend's house on the beach with Shannon's family and closest friends. It was quite an adventure as most wedding weekend are.
 One Ocean Avenue
 My Lovelies, Lili and Mahlia
 How Botting's play at the Beach.
 The Webbing Site: The Hacienda.
 The Hacienda again
 Dinner? Pizza Bombs.
We made our own, this is Mine.
 Dancing into the Night.
 Rebekah and Taitan.
Webbing-A reinvention of the wedding ritual. The interweaving of hearts, communities, endeavors and things. A Do-It-Together celebration of life.