Monday, October 18, 2010

A Webbing, Part 1.

Our Shiny Shannon got married this weekend in Carmel, she and her guy called it a Webbing (see below for definition). We stayed at a friend's house on the beach with Shannon's family and closest friends. It was quite an adventure as most wedding weekend are.
 One Ocean Avenue
 My Lovelies, Lili and Mahlia
 How Botting's play at the Beach.
 The Webbing Site: The Hacienda.
 The Hacienda again
 Dinner? Pizza Bombs.
We made our own, this is Mine.
 Dancing into the Night.
 Rebekah and Taitan.
Webbing-A reinvention of the wedding ritual. The interweaving of hearts, communities, endeavors and things. A Do-It-Together celebration of life.

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