Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One Year.

Last October I got happy, put my cares on the shelf, changed my attitude towards life and decided to blog about it. It feels good to chronicle daily life and The Little Girls' milestones, The Honey Hut is their scrapbook and my journal. I am happy to share with you, and so it is with a smile and a sincere thank you that I think back on daily posts, your comments and loyalty. Please keep reading, and if you'd like to be follower, you can do so by clicking the "Follow" box in the top left hand corner of this page, next to the search box (it makes me feel good to see who follows this blog, who I'm sharing my life and children with. I often wonder who is looking...). If you'd like to start at the beginning, you can do so here.
Happy Birthday Honey Hut!
(image: M. Holland)


  1. Happy Birthday to The Honey Hut! If Will was here, he'd sing to you ;) I always look forward to your posts- not only for the beautiful images, but your lovely writing style. Thank you for inspiring me blogging again. xoxo my friend!

  2. Sorry I haven't been a "follower" until today, but I've been reading your blog almost every day for months.

    I'll send you a link to the food blog that my coworkers and I are doing when we get it started in the next week or so.

    Tell Tim hi for me.