Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Contents Confidential.

Do you ever wonder what is in your girl friend's purse? I admit there was a time when I wondered, but never seriously enough to ask to look inside. The wonder came from the fear that I might be missing out on some crucially important girl thingy or item I didn't know about, but would make my outings infinitely easier. There have been times when I have been asked by a friend what is in my purse and if they could look inside. One friend in particular asked frequently which bothered me, I don't remember how old I was-just the awkwardness over the invasion of privacy. I remember going through my Mom's purse when I was little, the way The Little Girls go through mine now. I got my first purse for my 3rd birthday. I put my Cherry Chap Stick in it. My Mom made me a purse with my name embroidered on the front when I was five or six, I still have it. We used to have a rule in our house that if any Sattler kid left toys or personal items out in the living area after clean-up time/bedtime those items were placed on top of the piano in "prison" for 1 week, three times in "prison" and the item was confiscated. Once my "Dusty" purse was sent to "prison". I would visit it regularly. I would stand on the piano bench, lay my head on my folded arms and stare at it. That was a rough week. My Mom always took her purse in her room when she headed off to bed. She placed it by her bedside table. I do the same now too. I carry around a large purse (I hate this word, I wish I grew up calling it a pocketbook, I think I'll start now), mostly because of the diapers/wipes, spare changes of clothes, juiceboxes/snacks I've been carrying around for the last 5 years. Design*Sponge is doing a project called "What's in your pocket(book)?" I love it, I am starting to reconsider my pocketbook contents and thinking of making some changes. 

Here are a couple favorites.

Care to share what's in your Pocket(book)?
Let me know, I'll post it here. And maybe I'll show you what's in mine. Maybe.


  1. Some times at work, men have to find their wives wallets for insurance cards or photo id's... i love watching the men carefully open the purse and carefully look through. Most of them have never looked in their wives purses,and have been married for 20 years plus.It is the most sacred of territories.

  2. I love how your purse went to "prison" Filing that away for future reference. Robbie says my purse is the black hole. I can never find anything...except crushed cheerios- or William will manage to find a "female" product that I've hidden away. It's all so chic...aren't you glad I posted? I have friends who do what is in your purse photos, and I have yet to participate. Perhaps it would motivate me to clean mine out. Oh yeah- and I have lovely ink stains @ the bottom of my new typical. LOVE all the peoples purses you did post.

  3. p.s. my friend Jayme always calls it her pocketbook- is it an east coast thing?