Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Botting's Go Backpacking...sort of.

The Kyburz Fire is just up Hwy 50 from us. We had planned on backpacking this weekend out of Echo Lake to Tamarac but as of Friday morning when we departed, the freeway was closed. So instead we headed south to Hwy 88, our destination: Lake Margaret. The trailhead is just across the highway from Kirkwood Ski Area and just as we were driving down the ridge within eyesight of our turn off, traffic was dead stopped. And so there we sat, ready to hit the trail, for 2 hours. But seeing as we were so close, we waited with the promise of a beautiful ending and refreshing swim in the lake.
At the trailhead, full of excitement. The sign warns of an unreliable trail, easy to get off course. Watch for markers.
Littles with happy hearts and excited to be carrying their own packs.
The meadow early in the trail was gorgeous. Wildflowers like fireworks against the lush green landscape.
Just after this photo, we lost the trail. Tim pulled me aside and said, "This feels wrong, let's go back to the trailhead." We did continue on a little further, my stubbornness and map/trail navigation going into overdrive. When we crossed the river and Tim/Grady slipped and got their shoes soaked, I saw Tim break and be done. It took me a bit longer, about 100 yards further until a trail we were on dead ended at a fallen tree with no clear path on the other side. Despondent, we turned around. Chalked it up to a day hike.
The next day we thought we'd try again up 50 this time as the highway was opened, though only 1 lane. We sat in traffic for 5 minutes and turned around towards home.
A trip like this is hard and I don't mean the backpacking part because honestly The Littles never complained with the weight on their backs and were happy about the adventure ahead. The preparation, the potential obstacles, the mindset of taking Littles into the woods even on a well marked trail. The hardest part of our adventure was not earning the reward at the end of the trail. Something about making it all the way in and sitting by the lake, reveling in how far we've come and marveling at nature's splendor. I can't wait until we backpack successfully, hopefully soon.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Grady Goo is 4. I cannot believe he is so big. Yesterday he invited the Grandparents and his few friends for a BBQ.
Grady wanted Chocolate Cake and Pavlova, and asked about his presents all day long. This was his first real birthday party with guests and he loved the attention.
Grady loves superheroes and trucks. And by the looks of his cousins Jack and Hank, they do too!
This one with Jack imagining how Grady feels in his new cozy blanket, so sweet.
Thank you Grandpa Dan, Grandma Sylvia, Grandpa Gordon, Grumby (Margaret), Jared and boys and Morris' for your friendship and celebrating with Grady.

And now a few Grady-isms:
 "Mommy, am I 3 or am I 5 now?"
"Mommy. I love you, I like you, and I like who you are."
"What we can do tomorrow for nother fun time?"
"Goules, It's family bounce night!"
"Mommy, you sniferdid?"
"I am 4? Today I am 4? So, now I am 4 can I say 'shit'?" (he has an obsession with foul language).
And yesterday before the BBQ, Savannah had put together a Lego surprise for Grady. I told him many times not to go in my room and peek, ruining his surprise. While I was preparing food, he was playing down the hallway. After a while, he came into the kitchen, swinging his arms saying, "yep." chin quivering "I just took a big nap. In my room. On my bed." eyes tearing "Big nap." I asked him, "Grady, did you go in my room and peek at your surprise?" He replied, "I was in my room." chin quaking at this point. "Grady, Are you lying to me?" He burst into tears, "I'm so sorry...I couldn't wait. I lost my temper."
Happy Birthday Little Buddy.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day.

Did you have a fun 4th? I hope so. We enjoyed the most relaxing weekend, sharing time with friends and indulging in quality family time. We gathered at The Potter's for an incredible BBQ feast, you would not have believed the selection of dishes at this potluck! All The Littles went wild when the dads turned the hoses on them, it was a riot. We have been so deprived of kid fun in sprinklers due to the drought, it was sweet to throw caution to the wind and let the water flow in order to encourage the happy squeals and laughter the quickly followed.
As the sun began to set, the crazy came out! This moment with Kevin was awesome.
Once dark, The Littles dressed up for some sparklers.
Such a fun night. Thanks Kevin and Krista.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rockets, Rapids and Friendship.

Hi Hutters. I know this space is often ignored and I appreciate you checking in anyways...thank you. I feel like The Littles and I are on a summer bullet train, in the event of any little alone time I find myself craving quiet, creative solitude which excludes this blog. I post more frequently little happenings on Instagram, you can find me here.

Yesterday Krista and I got our Littles together for some rocket building and launching. This was Krista's brilliant idea, one she uses with her high school science students. The Littles decorated, named, cut out and adhered rockets from a pre-made pattern, then we ran outside to launch!
You can see video of My Littles rocket launches in my Instagram feed.

Today we went sought cooler temperatures with Tara and her family at a new-to-us swimming hole just up the highway about 20 minutes from The Hut. Alder Creek. It was lovely.
Gentle rapids and sandy swimming holes. Crawdads scampering under rocks. Splashing and reenergizing in the calm crisp waters.
Can't wait to do it again, next time with Tim too.