Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rockets, Rapids and Friendship.

Hi Hutters. I know this space is often ignored and I appreciate you checking in anyways...thank you. I feel like The Littles and I are on a summer bullet train, in the event of any little alone time I find myself craving quiet, creative solitude which excludes this blog. I post more frequently little happenings on Instagram, you can find me here.

Yesterday Krista and I got our Littles together for some rocket building and launching. This was Krista's brilliant idea, one she uses with her high school science students. The Littles decorated, named, cut out and adhered rockets from a pre-made pattern, then we ran outside to launch!
You can see video of My Littles rocket launches in my Instagram feed.

Today we went sought cooler temperatures with Tara and her family at a new-to-us swimming hole just up the highway about 20 minutes from The Hut. Alder Creek. It was lovely.
Gentle rapids and sandy swimming holes. Crawdads scampering under rocks. Splashing and reenergizing in the calm crisp waters.
Can't wait to do it again, next time with Tim too.

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