Monday, July 13, 2015


Grady Goo is 4. I cannot believe he is so big. Yesterday he invited the Grandparents and his few friends for a BBQ.
Grady wanted Chocolate Cake and Pavlova, and asked about his presents all day long. This was his first real birthday party with guests and he loved the attention.
Grady loves superheroes and trucks. And by the looks of his cousins Jack and Hank, they do too!
This one with Jack imagining how Grady feels in his new cozy blanket, so sweet.
Thank you Grandpa Dan, Grandma Sylvia, Grandpa Gordon, Grumby (Margaret), Jared and boys and Morris' for your friendship and celebrating with Grady.

And now a few Grady-isms:
 "Mommy, am I 3 or am I 5 now?"
"Mommy. I love you, I like you, and I like who you are."
"What we can do tomorrow for nother fun time?"
"Goules, It's family bounce night!"
"Mommy, you sniferdid?"
"I am 4? Today I am 4? So, now I am 4 can I say 'shit'?" (he has an obsession with foul language).
And yesterday before the BBQ, Savannah had put together a Lego surprise for Grady. I told him many times not to go in my room and peek, ruining his surprise. While I was preparing food, he was playing down the hallway. After a while, he came into the kitchen, swinging his arms saying, "yep." chin quivering "I just took a big nap. In my room. On my bed." eyes tearing "Big nap." I asked him, "Grady, did you go in my room and peek at your surprise?" He replied, "I was in my room." chin quaking at this point. "Grady, Are you lying to me?" He burst into tears, "I'm so sorry...I couldn't wait. I lost my temper."
Happy Birthday Little Buddy.

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