Monday, September 28, 2015


Savannah Jane is 10 years old! She was awake and ready to meet this new year at 5:30 this morning. There has been a lot of anticipation about this birthday. She has been squeaking her seal call (a excited sound she started making at 6 months old) bouncing around the house in excited expectation of this day.
She wanted me to make Whoopie Pies to share with her class, but told me this after I had already made chocolate-dipped meringues. She really didn't care too much but then her teacher forgot to celebrate her birthday during school! SO, I guess the treats have to wait until tomorrow. Speaking of is ridiculously sad and difficult for me to send My Littles to school on their birthdays. I hate spending the majority of the day away from them. It was brutal this morning to see Savannah go. 
Tonight we celebrated with homemade cheesecake, brownies and ice cream. Grandpa Dan, Sylvia and The Potter's came for dessert and in celebration of this sweet girl. 
I can't believe she is 10 years old...
Happy Birthday Savannah Jane!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Problem

Ivy swallowed a key. Yep...a key. Her diary key to be exact. And no, I don't know why. But once it happened, absolute panic ensued. Ivy scream-crying at me, Savannah crying on the couch and Goo right at my side, in confusion. Ivy ran from living room to bathroom while I called an advice nurse and trembled in slow motion. While holding for the nurse, all 3 Littles sat on the couch. Ivy clinging to Savannah asked, "Savannah, am I going to die? I don't want to die right now. Can I have one last hug?" Then both Little Girls crumbled into a sobbing mess. It was heartbreaking. When Tim got home a few minutes later, we loaded up The Littles and drove to the Emergency Room. Since the key isn't lodged in her esophagus and looks to be headed through the digestive system without any trouble so far, Ivy will have to pass it naturally. We are so relieved. And so I am on stool patrol for the next 3-5 days. Yep. I consider myself lucky as this is the very first time any of My Littles has swallowed a foreign object, at least that I know of anyway.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hope Valley.

This weekend we met up with our college friends-The Whitcomb, Evans and Chinnock families- in Hope Valley for our second annual camping trip. There were 19 of us all together, it was such fun!
We took a small hike following the river alongside the campground. Littles waded, fished, held snakes and frogs. We hunted for treasures like broken glass pieces and carving sticks. Ivy and Abby painted rocks and glass pieces, Little boys rode bikes and climbed trees.
"Mister Fix It"

Tim's favorite: Games! These buddies playing "Puerto Rico".
Littles playing games too.
Right before we all headed home, we found an old dump site. Broken glass and rusting cans exposed to the elements. Littles thought it all treasure and collected their favorite pieces, mementos of such a fun time together.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Happy Birthday Tim. You tolerate a lot by allowing me this indulgence of our annual tradition,The Birthday Hat. I love you.