Monday, September 21, 2015

Hope Valley.

This weekend we met up with our college friends-The Whitcomb, Evans and Chinnock families- in Hope Valley for our second annual camping trip. There were 19 of us all together, it was such fun!
We took a small hike following the river alongside the campground. Littles waded, fished, held snakes and frogs. We hunted for treasures like broken glass pieces and carving sticks. Ivy and Abby painted rocks and glass pieces, Little boys rode bikes and climbed trees.
"Mister Fix It"

Tim's favorite: Games! These buddies playing "Puerto Rico".
Littles playing games too.
Right before we all headed home, we found an old dump site. Broken glass and rusting cans exposed to the elements. Littles thought it all treasure and collected their favorite pieces, mementos of such a fun time together.

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