Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Holiday, Day 4 & 5.

Yesterday The Littles and I took a mini-trip/sleepover to Leilani's house. All The Littles played kitchen and had a tea party, it was surprising to see a 7, 5,4,2 year-old and 20 month-old share in playing the same activity so happily. 
We made bunny masks,
(The Goo refused to hold up his to the core.)
and had an egg hunt with eggs Julian, Savannah and Ivy had dyed earlier.
The Littles and I have been looking forward to this sleepover, a special and fun way to end the week. Thanks L. for the photos and fun.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Holiday, Day 3.

I promised The Little Girls an "Art Day" during vacation, however it was overshadowed by new dollies with which they were eager to play "Picture Day at School". I was able to pull them away from their lovies long enough to make mini donuts and bunny cupcake toppers. Then it was right back to playing school.
School Photos.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Holiday, Day 2.

The Little Girls have been begging to visit Fairytale Town so we made a plan and met up with our dear, sweet friends Erin, Ava and Isaiah. Spring is unfolding in the Land Park neighborhood. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day to be out in the sunshine, quite frankly I was dazzled by the blossoming trees.
Savannah, Goo, Ava and Ivy.
All The Littles (look at Ivy cuddling Goo...heart melt).
Put this Goo on a tractor and call it a day cuz there ain't no way this Little is coming off this equipment without crocodile tears and a possible tantrum. (Is farming genetic?...hmm...channeling Nebraska's farmlands and ancestors...)
We love Fairytale Town; $4, cute little trash bins (soldiers), manicured gardens, live farm animals, benches everywhere, THE CROOKED MILE!!!, creative play equipment from long ago. Bonus: The Littles napped on the way home...ahhh...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Holiday, Day 1.

I love Spring Holiday. Savannah is home all day, we are having lovely, comfortable weather and The Littles are very content playing in the backyard for hours on end and because school is in recess our bedtime schedule is more relaxed (i.e. no struggle to get Littles in bed by 8:30). My favorite moments of the day are;
this big snuggle after lunch (1 full hour!)
this afternoon activity (Ivy and I made the bow and arrow from backyard branches, she does this well...I can't seem to shoot it.)
and this dinner (French tart with pommes frites and spinach salad.)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

You're Invited...

to Barbie's wedding!
You know sometimes these little vignettes The Little Girls display really crack me up. So much time (and effort) is spent in balance, posturing the dolls and animals to get everything just so. This one makes me giggle because I overheard Little Girls finishing up the scene by saying "and after the program, they'll feast on crackers." So true, no Barbie wedding is complete without a roll of Ritz.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pity Party.

This post is brought to you by...
Poop Scooping. Arguably the most annoying job imaginable. Or maybe I should just be more relaxed in my scooping duties. Ugh, I can't. I just can't let that dog poop sit there and collect flies or stink up this yard. How annoying. See? Aren't I a good pet owner? Don't you wish you knew more prompt Poop Scoopers like me? Poop annoying.

I'm feeling sorry for myself today. Here are my problems and I know you didn't verbally ask, but let's just pretend your checking in on The Honey Hut means you did ask...
  1. I make bad decisions. Example: Getting a dog when I have 3 children, just opened a studio, volunteer in Savannah's class two days a week and have literally no free time (like chances-are-I-have-a-peeing-partner-every-time-I-go-to-the-bathroom type of no free time, and if by a miracle I am solo with the door closed, a Little is banging on the door or waiting outside, ear to the door).
  2. I am a terrible time manager. Example: Right now The Goo is taking a nap, Ivy is watching a My Little Pony (God Bless My Little Pony...). I should be cleaning out the refrigerator, doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, making a grocery list and making a pile for donating to hospice. There...I just made my To Do list. Instead I am venting here which I am sure to regret once I pull myself together. Last night was my Free Night in which Tim takes over and I do/go where I want. Except I didn't know what/where to go because I am not yet accustomed to Free Night (however I ended up at the studio, my studio mate Penny was there sewing away so we had some tea and a chat, it was lovely and very similar to a little vacation).
  3. I can't multi-task. I just can't. Example: I can't text someone and listen to what Tim is saying at the same time and I DON'T read aloud the words I am texting so everyone can hear what I am crazily texting. If you do this, just stop it...right now. There are other examples of my inability to multi-task but I can't think of them right now because THAT is multi-tasking. This lack of ability to multi-task is creating a challenge for me at the studio. I have a maximum of 2 hours of contented Littles in which I can get work done at the studio, and I guess that'll do because my free parking expires at the same time (thanks City of Placerville!).
There. That feels better. I can't take anymore of this self pity. I think...sure enough... just spotted a pile of dog poop. ugh.......

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spying A Spy.


When I'm not looking, Littles are sneaking photos. I found these and about ten copies of each while scrolling through my iPhone. I asked Ivy about it and she said she's "doing picture of the day and how come we don't do it anymore?"

Monday, March 18, 2013

What Lingers.

I had a nightmare about The Goo last night, I can't shake it. We were walking on a path beside a wooded forest and when I reached down to hold his hand, he was gone. I ran through the forest screaming "GRADY? GRADY?" The weight on my chest was so heavy and an unbearable alarm was sounding in my head. The helplessness I felt was overwhelming. I awoke with a sob in my throat and quickly got up to check on him. I've never been happier to hear his soft, sweet snore and see his little body's form in the glow from of the nightlight.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Top This.

My Great Aunt Sadie turns 106 today. Last night we celebrated with her at a big party at the church in Lodi where she and her husband Ernie lovingly cultivated a garden of over 400 rosebushes. Sadie still lives independently and though her hearing is poor, she is still quick-witted and her memory, sharp. She has been promised free all you can drink root beer floats from A&W for the rest of her life and her family and friends worked tirelessly to have a rose named in her honor; The Sadie Lady. Article here.
Sadie with two of her Grandchildren.
Enjoying her root beer float.

Sadie Violet Boss Jauch, a nurse during World War 2.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Happy Habit.

Every time we come home, The Goo marches straight over to the bookshelves and has a little "read". He sits there crossed ankles and little mouth enjoying his pacifier, nodding in agreement each time his chubby little finger points to a picture he recognizes or likes. Whenever he is quiet (too quiet), I know he is comfortable with a good book. Oh the adventures he will enjoy once the symbols take meaning! He will be just like his sisters; eager to read before he's had proper instruction and stacks of books as companions.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Honey Hut has a mutt! This is her abridged story:
Her previous home had a 1 year-old and a newborn baby, in an apartment. She is a 6 month old pug puppy. 'Nuff said, story over. Her owner was on his way to take her to the pound when a friend of my sister Deanna's intervened. My sister took her home and the rest is a blur of Littles begging, puppy cuteness weaving it's magic and perhaps a lapse in sanity. The first night the Little Girls called her Trixie. I hated it. We ping-ponged names back and forth until Izzy-Pug was shouted aloud. I loved it. She is a loving, playful little pup, and sweet with the Littles. Goo has been knocked down fewer than five times in the last 48 hours thanks to her paws ricocheting off his belly. She came to us with very good manners but we are making an effort to instill a few more. She is smart for an animal who seems to have the attention span of a gnat (possible??). She is adored in her new, forever home.
She looks like this 90% of the day. A total blur.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

3 Cheers.

Cheers to new glasses for Little Red. If ever there was a week when I saw growth in Ivy, it was this last week. She has always been my most spirited and independent Little, this week she has grown in compassion and helpfulness. She made up this great game, it's called "Let's Say..." and it goes a little something like this; "Let's say I was the oldest and you were the middlest. And Let's Say I wanted to watch Tangled and you wanted to watch Brave. How would we come to a decision? Rocks, Paper, Scissors!" And then she just goes on and on with all types of conflict starting out with birth order (she being the oldest each time), and ending in some resolution game. It's completely endearing.  
Cheers to change. I have decided to rent an art studio space in the Fairchild Building on Main. The studio has southern exposure/great lighting and is the perfect perch to watch what is happening about town. This week I've painted dingy walls and moved in my sewing machine and art supplies, also worked to make the space fun for The Littles. There is a great cabinet for storage and an ancient marble sink. The historical marker indicates the building's construction date as 1903 but the documents I found here say 1892. Either way, this building is old and lovely. My landlord is working to restore water to the room, and fix a window. It's going to be a great creative space for me.

Cheers to a new year, tomorrow I celebrate my birthday. This weekend I am looking forward to the antique fair and spending some quality time with family. Happy Weekend!