Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Treasures.

There are a handful of thrift shops in my town, all of which have fantastic deals and inventory. Here's what I found yesterday.
 #1. Sweet linens in perfect condition. I know many people use paper napkins and towels because they really are easy and inexpensive (especially with grubby Littles...) but The Honey Hut uses cloth (thanks Tamber, you broke us of our paper towel habit). $.10/piece.
 #2. Crepe-paper streamers in pretty spring pastels. Can't wait to use these for a party! $1.00 total.
#3. So many colors of embroidery floss, so little time to make more cross-stitch family portraits... $3.00 total (these typically run around a $1.00/piece).

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