Friday, March 8, 2013

3 Cheers.

Cheers to new glasses for Little Red. If ever there was a week when I saw growth in Ivy, it was this last week. She has always been my most spirited and independent Little, this week she has grown in compassion and helpfulness. She made up this great game, it's called "Let's Say..." and it goes a little something like this; "Let's say I was the oldest and you were the middlest. And Let's Say I wanted to watch Tangled and you wanted to watch Brave. How would we come to a decision? Rocks, Paper, Scissors!" And then she just goes on and on with all types of conflict starting out with birth order (she being the oldest each time), and ending in some resolution game. It's completely endearing.  
Cheers to change. I have decided to rent an art studio space in the Fairchild Building on Main. The studio has southern exposure/great lighting and is the perfect perch to watch what is happening about town. This week I've painted dingy walls and moved in my sewing machine and art supplies, also worked to make the space fun for The Littles. There is a great cabinet for storage and an ancient marble sink. The historical marker indicates the building's construction date as 1903 but the documents I found here say 1892. Either way, this building is old and lovely. My landlord is working to restore water to the room, and fix a window. It's going to be a great creative space for me.

Cheers to a new year, tomorrow I celebrate my birthday. This weekend I am looking forward to the antique fair and spending some quality time with family. Happy Weekend!

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