Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bits and Pieces.

These thrift shops I mentioned in my last post have some curious items in their display cases. I used to never look through the locked glass because I assumed the contents were pricey. Last week a smaller case showcased a collection of John F. Kennedy memorabilia. This cover of LIFE magazine sent a pang through my heart. The solemn look on Mrs. Kennedy's face, little sad faces held up by crisp blue coats...
What I've really been looking for at these second hand shops was a decent multi-use table. My imagination's best vision of what I wanted was an old dining room table I could fix up with a couple coats of paint and use for sewing, laying out projects and seating 4-6 people when needed. I found this beauty at the porch sale of the nearest thrift shop. Great bones, no odor, already disassembled. The clincher? $5.00!
(Isn't this photo funny? The way Tim's hat is sitting on top of the table directly above him...)
Tim and I cleaned up the table and reassembled it, I gave it two coats of Green Gloss (Pittsburgh Paint). And ta-da...this lady has a new life.

Here she is with My Littles. 

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