Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pity Party.

This post is brought to you by...
Poop Scooping. Arguably the most annoying job imaginable. Or maybe I should just be more relaxed in my scooping duties. Ugh, I can't. I just can't let that dog poop sit there and collect flies or stink up this yard. How annoying. See? Aren't I a good pet owner? Don't you wish you knew more prompt Poop Scoopers like me? Poop annoying.

I'm feeling sorry for myself today. Here are my problems and I know you didn't verbally ask, but let's just pretend your checking in on The Honey Hut means you did ask...
  1. I make bad decisions. Example: Getting a dog when I have 3 children, just opened a studio, volunteer in Savannah's class two days a week and have literally no free time (like chances-are-I-have-a-peeing-partner-every-time-I-go-to-the-bathroom type of no free time, and if by a miracle I am solo with the door closed, a Little is banging on the door or waiting outside, ear to the door).
  2. I am a terrible time manager. Example: Right now The Goo is taking a nap, Ivy is watching a My Little Pony (God Bless My Little Pony...). I should be cleaning out the refrigerator, doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast, making a grocery list and making a pile for donating to hospice. There...I just made my To Do list. Instead I am venting here which I am sure to regret once I pull myself together. Last night was my Free Night in which Tim takes over and I do/go where I want. Except I didn't know what/where to go because I am not yet accustomed to Free Night (however I ended up at the studio, my studio mate Penny was there sewing away so we had some tea and a chat, it was lovely and very similar to a little vacation).
  3. I can't multi-task. I just can't. Example: I can't text someone and listen to what Tim is saying at the same time and I DON'T read aloud the words I am texting so everyone can hear what I am crazily texting. If you do this, just stop it...right now. There are other examples of my inability to multi-task but I can't think of them right now because THAT is multi-tasking. This lack of ability to multi-task is creating a challenge for me at the studio. I have a maximum of 2 hours of contented Littles in which I can get work done at the studio, and I guess that'll do because my free parking expires at the same time (thanks City of Placerville!).
There. That feels better. I can't take anymore of this self pity. I think...sure enough... just spotted a pile of dog poop. ugh.......

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