Thursday, April 30, 2015


Remember this?
This week I've been hammering out some of these projects. I completed one project's finish work today that has been a nagging thorn in my side but crazily only took me an hour to complete. And I actually liked the chore! Progress that was 10 months in the making. Snails pace over here people, snails pace. There are two more projects left to do from this list, one easy peasy little task and one ginormous-I-don't-know-how-to-do/don't-have-the-tools-for types of projects. And I should prolly watch at least one youtube video before I begin. urg.
Remember this book?
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is still haunting me. The author describes the length of time one takes to fully accomplish decluttering/tidying as 3 or more months. At first read I thought this ridiculous. But I am now fully starting to understand because there are things in this house that I pick up and don't feel exact joy about but put back down and keep instead of discarding BUT the item starts haunts me! I cannot get said object out of my mind and each time I enter the room where it lies I feel it staring at me, unjoyfully. In refining this method of decluttering, I have found joy to be a fluid feeling. Here and then gone. Something I loved yesterday I don't love today. Very fickle. Perhaps this is just the way I process tidying and not how other readers are implementing. Mostly my greatest hope as I press on is that I am valuing experiences and memories, time with The Littles and Tim more than being controlled by my possessions. You know, be a genuine example for My Littles. Valuing the good stuff in life.

On Saturday morning I am running my first half marathon. You guys, I am maybe not cut out to be a long distance runner. I'll be glad when it's over and not just because I am nervous but because I want to be excited about running again. When Tim asked me if I was interested in training I said no but then changed my mind and forged ahead. I've had really good days of running and really bad days. We were supposed to run a race in March but because of scheduling/conflicting family stuff we had to hold off and wait until now. Tim stopped training in February, he has too much on his plate right now to worry about getting a long run in once a week. So my training went 2 months longer than I had anticipated, leaving me a tad bit over it. Also, I use running as therapy. I have been running the same 2.5 miles, 4-7 days a week since March 2004. Yep. I could run that route with my eyes closed. Or at least in the dark, which I have a handful of times. I can hardly remember what everything looks like or anything that happens on those early morning runs, my mind is somewhere else. I can't wait to feel that again. I am looking forward to these 13.1 miles to be over so I can get back to the joy of running.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Lesson In Patience.

I planted this great varietal of strawberry last spring. High and early production, sweet, decent size, good growth for higher elevations... Then, a small animal took a bite out of every berry in the patch. If I remember right, I ate maybe 5 and likely what was left from the first consumer. BUT! Not this year. There are heaps of red delicious berries waiting to be picked in my garden, and no evidence of vermin.
These last two weeks have been rough. At least one of The Littles has been sick every. single. day. Daily life as we know it has been put on hold; bike rides, trampoline, garden, honey hut project, appointments cancelled and crankiness ensued. My sister Dee Dee was even in town to share baby Finley with family and sadly we missed the entire visit. That was the worst. But today The Little Girls woke up happy and ready to get back to school! And Grady didn't whine at me all day! And so now I can happily say that we have returned to our regular everyday life. It feels so good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New News.

Hi Hutters.
A few weeks back I posted about some big news around here then immediately had to edit the post because I had forgotten I'd promised Tim not to say anything here until he was ready (remember that, Jay? Ha Ha!) But the big news is we've purchased a new store. Let me catch you up if you are newish here to The Hut: Tim and I along with my brother Jared and his wife Jenny own a Carpet One Flooring store. We've known for over a year another Carpet One owner nearby was looking to sell but the timing and price wasn't right until now. Our family is so excited and also acutely aware of how much responsibility falls on Tim while he is busy at both stores. This month is a big transition as the guys phase out the former owner and work hard to streamline the new business. There is so much potential in this new store, I can't wait to see how high Tim and Jared take it.

(random doll head on mailbox, just because.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


On Saturday, Tim and I attended our 20th high school reunion. We attended a small Christian school called SAA and were a close knit class. Tim and I hadn't seen some of these friends since we graduated or since our 10 year reunion and a few we see a couple times a year. For all of us to be in the same space at the same time again well, it was pretty special. Some classmates traveled from so far away, I'm so glad they made the effort. My favorite part was seeing all of our Littles playing together!
Class of 1995. top, l-r: Ansel, Craig, Ben, Johnny, Tim, Liana, Lisa, Bato
middle: Ryan, Melissa, Rene, Kristine, Shelley, Moani, Arlette, Joy, Leilani, Mr, Dunlap (Math Teacher)
front: Tim, Dusty, Maylinda, Eva, Merrilyn, Andrea, Vivian, Julie. Not pictured but at the reunion: Jay, Ginny

I haven't seen Arlette and Johnny but maybe once since high school, which is a real shame. These two were my first friends when I transferred to SAA as a sophomore. We were in a 1st period computer class together and they were so welcoming.
Tim went to SAA for 12 years! He and Jay ran the senior snack shack, here they are reminiscing.
The gazebo in the center of campus.
l-r: Eva, Maylinda, me, Leilani, Shelley.
In the evening, Eva hosted a dinner party for our class at her gorgeous home downtown. She made the evening so special, every detail was curated by her thoughtful attention. More classmates showed up that hadn't come to the program earlier at the school, so lovely to see their faces as well as continue conversations started earlier in the day. Thank you Eva, your home is so lovely.
(thanks for the photos E & L)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


My sister Deanna had her baby girl yesterday, welcome Finley May! Brandon says Dee Dee was strong and brave during labor and Dee Dee says Finley coos a lot.
What a beautiful family, such happiness.
When The Little Girls got home from the bus, Dee Dee and Brandon called to tell them the good news and let the little cousins "meet" each other. Oh how I wish we lived closer! Finley squeaked a few times, such sweet sounds from someone so tiny. Congratulations Brandon and Dee Dee!

Monday, April 13, 2015

More Bees Please.

Maybe it's the foul brood, maybe it's keeper greed but regardless...Krista and I ordered more bees. Just one more hive to boost some keeper confidence and also production.
Nala testing out a new super while we organize to hive the bees. These bees and their queen seem very docile, like a purr or a quiet hum.
Krista pouring bees into the hive, the queen hanging in her cage between frames. Already worker bees are eating away the candy plug to release her so she can start laying eggs.
So far, setting up a new hive never gets old. A fresh start, clean everything.
Cheers to a new hive!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


We woke up Easter morning at Grumbie's house! The Littles were thrilled when we told them we were spending the Easter holiday with Tim's folks. We hadn't seen them since before they left for their trip home to Australia, it was lovely to catch up and spend quality time with them.
We took a walk before the rain hit, the grass and foliage were so green! The sheep in the fields made the day feel especially Spring-like, new babies and all.
Margaret planned an egg hunt and Easter baskets too!
Explaining the hunt parameters.
And The Littles showing off their souvenirs thoughtfully brought back from Australia.
Thank you Margaret and Gordon for making Easter so special for all of us.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Bee Update.

Foulbrood worse than we thought. Krista and I have decided to treat with antibiotics. Good news: hives will thrive. Bad news: can't use honey treated with antibiotics. A bit of a blow. Below, a letter from "Bee Bruce".

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Visit.

Hello from Spring Break! We have had an exciting few days as Hayley, Logan, Maia and Nate were visiting from New Zealand! If you a newish reader you probably don't know that Hayley is Tim's birth sister, we met her in 2002 on a trip to New Zealand and then saw the whole family when they were on holiday here in California just before Grady was born in 2011. Tim and I have enjoyed Hayley and Logan's company on past visits and their Littles are just as lovely. We have talked excitedly for months about their visit which did not disappoint. While we made sure there was plenty of time for riding bikes in the yard or running around the garden, we wanted to show them Lake Tahoe and what would be the nature-y part of their California visit.
Nate, Maia, Ivy, Savannah and Grady: Eagle Falls/Emerald Bay
First glimpse of Fannette Island.
Photo op and quick break before the hike.
Playing on the beach looking out to Fannette Island. The migratory geese were particularly brave, one bit Hayley on the back and another I had to give the old "swift knee jab to the feathery bird chest" type defense whilst Goo was being preyed upon.
Measuring a grand tree with Little arms.
Littles played Twister and we did a bit of Geocaching around our neighborhood.
It was hard to say goodbye when our time together was up, especially not knowing when we will see them again.
Thank you Hayley, Logan, Maia and Nate for coming to visit, we miss you already!