Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ah Ha.

I bought this book on Tuesday and stayed up until 2:30 am reading half of it. I'm hooked. I mean I am really diving in. The process typically takes 6 months to fully achieve tidiness and so at first I wasn't sure I was able to commit. But Marie Kondo's writing and philosophy behind creating a home that "sparks joy" has really resonated with me.
These last 2 days I have tackled 2 subcategories of clothes (mind you I did a closet clean out last Saturday morning before I even knew this book existed); tops (shirts, sweaters) and bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts).
This is what I discarded:
And this, this is what my dresser drawers look like now that I finally know how to fold clothes properly according to the KonMari method (the author's system). These two drawers hold every top (not including button downs/blouses BUT including all my seasonal sweaters that use to vacation up at high altitudes in my closet) I own.

And now that I have started holding each object I own in my hands and asking myself if that particular object sparks joy in my life (literally this is what the process of tidying or discarding is) I am excited about the next few months of sorting through the roughage in order to find my home sparking with joy. 

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