Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I'm here. I really am. All the while I was not thinking about this space, I really was. So, hi there. I think I'm back. These pages are really a strange place for me to navigate. I want to share so much with you readers but I am increasingly becoming an introvert and so I really crave solitude, privacy and quiet. In these ways I gain energy. And energy is what I needed earlier this month, we were all so very sick. Then I got out of the habit of sharing and well, you know.
I couldn't pass up this swim cap at Hospice (thrift store) $.50.
Savannah decided to get a pixie cut. We made the appointment the day after Christmas and she waited until February 3 to get her hair cut. I thought she might change her mind, all other girls her age want Disney Princess hair...not Savannah Jane!
I am so proud of her for doing something different and unique.
Goobie is talking more and more each day, he loves to "read" to us every night. Every page in every book begins with "last time..." as in "last time the hungy capitillar ate 4 strawberries..." And all throughout the day he asks me if we can do family game night and play his matching game. He beats me every time.
Ivy is starting to grow into school. In order for her to gain confidence and calm, I go to computers (a major source of anxiety for her because the teacher is a loud-talker) with her every Friday. I am bored out of my mind but she thrives while I am there (and her table partner Tyler stays on task too).
I took on a new form of art recently-Weaving. I bought a loom and am teaching myself to weave in the Navajo tradition. It is a lot harder than I anticipated but I really am enjoying it.

Thank you for checking this space. I wasn't sure I would return. But then one day after school I found Savannah under her bed with her best friend, looking at the blog and hearing them giggle about things I have posted, I couldn't very well abandon this space. I've invested so much. Anyways, thank you for believing I would be back.

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  1. Yay! The Hut is back! The internet is a dull place without you. XO