Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Letting Go.

I'm still at it, decluttering and asking every object I own if it sparks joy in my life. Some belongings are hard to discard even though I instantaneously know upon contact with the object that it doesn't spark joy. So I caught myself cheating a bit. I put a few "once upon a time favorites" back in my closet or back on my bookshelf then walked away from that part of sorting/decluttering. Here's the thing though, I couldn't stop thinking about the item I put back. It's like there was a huge stain or something really stinky in my closet/on my bookshelf. I knew inside that item had to go. The sweater in the photo above is one of the things I put back then waffled back and forth about for hours. HOURS! My Mom bought this sweater for me. Just she and I, Placerville Clothing Company, a bright Spring day, 2001. This was a favorite for many years, many reasons. Sentimental attachment. I hugged that sweater several times during those hours, at first it felt good then after each hug I could feel myself pulling away. I felt my heart say, "This sweater is not your mom. It's okay. Let it go." And so I did. I took a good look at it and said thank you. Instead of throwing it on the heap of discards, I placed it in a box of shoes, belts, handbags for donation. And now I am excited that someone else will find joy in it's warmth.

I just want to pause here and send my love to Margaret, Tim's Mom. She said good-bye to her Mum today. It is awful to bury the person who gave you life, holds all your childhood memories, hoped eternally in your favor, championed for you and loved you more than anyone ever could. My heart is with you Margaret, wishing I could send you peace.♥

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