Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello, Goodbye.

 Dad and Sylvia hosted us at The Ranch for Thanksgiving this year, we had a lovely feast and visit. In a word it was RELAXING, as all Thanksgivings should be. 
 My brother-in-law John made this um, AMAZING pumpkin-orange cheescake with chocolate crust and salted caramel. I mean really? Just look at it! At this point it doesn't matter what it tastes like (though it was every bit delicious as it was gorgeous), the presentation was mouthwatering. Recipe here.
 My turkey (I am quite proud): Maple-glazed with hazelnut apple stuffing. Recipe here.
 We spent the weekend with Tim's parents, again RELAXING! They take such good care of us, spending time with them is like a big long warm hug. They took the girls to Gibson Ranch to feed the ducks and geese. So much fun!

Today I am saying goodbye to this nose. 
This collapsed deviated septum creating swollen tissue and chronic sinusitis-nose. I have had this surgery twice before so I know what I am in for, I am nervous about the recovery process in general but with three kids to take care of while healing? My stomach is in knots.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ho Hum.

So...I'm a little bored with this blog. Can you tell? I just cannot get excited about/inspired by it. It's okay if you are bored with it too (frankly I'm surprised you are still hanging with me, you dedicated reader you). I used to dream up these posts first thing in the morning while I was running and sometimes I still do, but the moment I step inside the house I'm pulled in three different directions when the only direction I should be headed is to the shower. Yesterday afternoon I had prepared a lovely little daydream of a post while I was running but truth be told I peed my pants (just a little, three babies will do that to you and besides it's only been four months since The Goo was born...this is too much explaining and far too much information) during mile 1 and had to rush straight to the shower, then feed The Goo, then make dinner for my the time I was available to post, I wasn't interested. Someday soon I'll revisit that daydream and share it with you. 

Here's the lastest in photos.
 Art Parliment crazy mess.
Jackson turned 2.
 Savannah's soccer trophy and end of season party.
Kindergarten Pumpkin Pie Feast.
Colby, Savannah and Maira.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Last Few Days.

 This is how The Goo gets around most of the time.
 This is the abscess that caused us much dental drama. It is the sad result of two fractured front teeth from a slip on wet slate at last years Webbing.
 This is Savannah's new smile. She loves it but keeps her old tooth nearby in a tiny treasure chest.
This is the sad result of a purse in chaos. NObody should live like this.
 This is a 4 month-old Goo.
Goo=Happiness. He is such a sweet baby.
 This is Grady's face when he hears his mama call his name.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Little Boys.

Jackson was over the other day, we spent the afternoon picking the last of Grandpa Dan's tomato harvest and
 riding the tractor and Big Wheels. It is endearing to see Ivy and Jack pal around while Savannah is away at school. Jack is talking so much now, he kept reminding me to go to the "big yellow...bus" to pick up "Savaaaah".
 Hudson turned 2, we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon celebrating with his family.
Huddy without the cake...
 A happy Huddy with cake.
 Hudson and Jackson's Grammie is "Sharon The Great". She remembered a story Tim once told her about how he used to pretend shave with his dad when he was little. So she found this for Tim and Grady.
Is there anything sweeter? Thank you Sharon!
You can find it here.
Oh and in case you are interested in finding the birthday cake hat I use for The Little Girls, 
you can find it here.