Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Break.

The Little Girls are on Thanksgiving break and life around The Hut is as it should be (though with a lot more boundary pushing than I'm used to and arguing and asking what we are doing next...school schedules are great and all, but I'm ready for The Little Girls to play without instruction or parameters like they do during summer break). 
Goo climbed up on the couch next to me tonight and studied closely this Glamour magazine for at least 10 minutes. Pug sniffed the perfume ads obsessively (making me agitated). Goo just kept on turning the pages one by one, patient and content. 
Six of My lovelies are now laying and as a reward get some well deserved garden exploring time, that is until Littles catch them and give them a turn in the baby swing. I guess The Little Girls are playing without instruction, I certainly would never have imagined giving chickens a wee push on a swing.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Keep Close.

I was able to spend some quality one-on-one time with Miss Savannah today. The 2nd grade class walked to the Fire Station in town for a field trip, a fun adventure on a very crisp and windy autumn day. Savannah has been very excited these last couple of days to be making new friends with a very quiet little girl in her class (more quiet than Savannah). It was sweet to see these two shy girls navigate a new friendship on our outing. Today they sat on the bus home together and on the short walk home from the bus stop, Savannah confided in me some information this little girl shared with her about her difficult home life. My heart aches for this precious, beautiful child. I kept My Littles close to me tonight and let them stay up as late as they could handle, squeezing out as much comfort as I could get from their closeness.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eggs And Other Things.

Look Hutters! I am now getting 3 eggs a day, this new bluish-green beaut on the right is from one of my Americanas, either Almond Cake or Alma. I am so proud of my Lovelies, they lay beautiful and delicious eggs. This photo below does not do the yoke's vibrant orange color any justice, you'd have to see it to believe it. I scrambled these up with cream cheese and herbs. Unreal.
Ivy was such a darling while doing her homework tonight. Kinder homework is fun and she is delighted to show me what she has learned and how well she can do her packet.
So focused on her words.
I've been busy around the house and garden, getting ready for this rain we were supposed to get earlier today. Just as I was tidying up after dinner I heard the tapping on the gutters outside. But I should have just looked at my thumb to know if the rain had yet started. My fingers always crack whenever the weather changes. Two fingers on my right hand are festering and cracked meaning it's going to be a cold, damp couple of days.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Date With Peter Pan.

Kieran (Ivy's girlfriend in Kinder) invited Ivy to celebrate her 6th birthday by seeing Peter Pan, a production by El Dorado Music Theater. I was lucky enough to be invited along by Jen, Kieran's mom and a friend of mine through book club. It was a special date between Ivy and I, so lovely to spend one-on-one time with her. The production was fantastic and incredibly well done, these young performers have a bright future ahead.
Ivy was desperate to meet Tigerlily, an amazing dancer.
Hook stole the show, he was brilliant.
With Wendy and another friend of Kieran's.
Peter Pan! This actress was incredible and so brave with those wires and the acrobatics.
Thank you Jen and Kieran, Ivy and I will never forget this experience. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Date.

Goo and I couldn't make our usual Friday lunch date so instead we settled on a breakfast treat at our tiny town's coffee shop. He played with his toy tractors, picked at his cinnamon roll and flirted wildly with the other customers. I watched him happily and when he was deep in play, drank my cappuccino and flipped through a magazine. It was a quiet, cozy and lovely crisp autumn morning.
What are you up to this weekend Hutters? I am hoping to kick this lingering cold/flu, rake up the leaves (crossing my fingers for a burn day) and Ivy and I have a date to see a theater production of Peter Pan with her friend from Kinder, Kieran and her Mom. Whatever it is you are up to, I wish you happy.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Family Field Trip.

Tim and I took The Littles to Nimbus Fish Hatchery last Friday. We went through the museum and walked the ladders, then fed both the young Chinook (King) Salmon and the Steelhead Trout.
Here Ivy watches those tattered, feisty Salmon who have not eaten since they've left the ocean. They are desperate climb the ladder and spawn.
This facility is free to the public but begins harvesting typically the first week in November when the waters are a favorable temperature for egg sustainability. Hatcheries like Nimbus are vitally important to the survival and protection of California's salmon species and their habitat.

Monday, November 11, 2013


We spent part of the weekend at Tim's Mum and Dad's home. The autumn leaves and grasses were radiant with vibrant colors.
Savannah is a newly independent bike rider, a huge milestone for her, so we made sure to spend quality time outdoors with her as she becomes more confident on two wheels.
My Littles enjoyed themselves so much playing BINGO, card games and sharing time with Grandma and Grandpa they were exhausted on the way home. (Here Savannah is taking a fake nap after a ride.)
Thank you Margaret for the photos!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The End.

I finished a big project this week: a new chicken yard/coop. Everyone in The Hut is very happy it's over, I've admittedly been consumed by this project for a while now. We are having a sleepover at Tim's parents tonight, so lovely to be taken care of and looked after for a change. Happy weekend to you!
(A celebratory grilled cheese on the kitchen floor with my man Goo.)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Race Day.

The 34th Annual Apple Hill Harvest Run was Sunday. This race is The Little Girls' school's largest fundraiser and such a super fun family event. People always think of coming to Apple Hill before Halloween but I think they miss the biggest deal of Apple Hill-The Harvest Run. During the kids fun run all Littles chase the chicken. So silly.

Ivy ran the 1/4 mile race with Tim, holding his hand so she wouldn't crash.
Savannah ran the 1/2 mile with several of her classmates. She and Wrenna held hands and plotted their course at the starting line. I ran the 3.5 mile race, I love that course. My time was a personal best and it felt good to have My Littles cheer me on.
My friend Andy ran the 8.5 mile race. The 8.5 race is difficult because of the hilly terrain. I have mad respect for anyone who runs that course. It was a cheerful morning spending active time with families in this community. If you are ever interested in a scenic run/walk in the foothills followed by apple donut or pie feasting, remember this race. It's always the first Sunday in November. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Best Kind Of Treasure.

Today I was hanging the heat lamp in the coop and as I opened the nesting box I found two brown eggs. You can't imagine my delight! Honestly I love these chicken girls so much, I would continue to keep them as pets even if they didn't lay eggs. But these beautiful eggs only endear My Lovelies to me more. I can't wait to check the coop tomorrow. This is better than Christmas morning.

Friday, November 1, 2013


At Neighbor Nita's house.

Treating at Great Grandparent's house.
Treating on Main with Dee Dee and Brandon.

Two classroom parties,
the school parade
and all the crafts.
What a day.