Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Race Day.

The 34th Annual Apple Hill Harvest Run was Sunday. This race is The Little Girls' school's largest fundraiser and such a super fun family event. People always think of coming to Apple Hill before Halloween but I think they miss the biggest deal of Apple Hill-The Harvest Run. During the kids fun run all Littles chase the chicken. So silly.

Ivy ran the 1/4 mile race with Tim, holding his hand so she wouldn't crash.
Savannah ran the 1/2 mile with several of her classmates. She and Wrenna held hands and plotted their course at the starting line. I ran the 3.5 mile race, I love that course. My time was a personal best and it felt good to have My Littles cheer me on.
My friend Andy ran the 8.5 mile race. The 8.5 race is difficult because of the hilly terrain. I have mad respect for anyone who runs that course. It was a cheerful morning spending active time with families in this community. If you are ever interested in a scenic run/walk in the foothills followed by apple donut or pie feasting, remember this race. It's always the first Sunday in November. 

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