Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Break.

The Little Girls are on Thanksgiving break and life around The Hut is as it should be (though with a lot more boundary pushing than I'm used to and arguing and asking what we are doing next...school schedules are great and all, but I'm ready for The Little Girls to play without instruction or parameters like they do during summer break). 
Goo climbed up on the couch next to me tonight and studied closely this Glamour magazine for at least 10 minutes. Pug sniffed the perfume ads obsessively (making me agitated). Goo just kept on turning the pages one by one, patient and content. 
Six of My lovelies are now laying and as a reward get some well deserved garden exploring time, that is until Littles catch them and give them a turn in the baby swing. I guess The Little Girls are playing without instruction, I certainly would never have imagined giving chickens a wee push on a swing.

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