Monday, December 2, 2013


I trust you Hutters had a fine Thanksgiving, we truly did. It has been too long since we spent holidays with Tim's sister Angela and her family. We had been counting down the days until we would all meet up for Thanksgiving. The Littles were in heaven spending 3 nights at Grandma's all the while knowing Addie and Lucas were just in the room next door. I took very few photos and instead indulged in the happiness of all us Botting's spending time together; catching up with Angela, cooking with Margaret in her kitchen and watching our Littles play. And you know what? It all went by too fast. Here are a few moments I did manage to capture:
Goo and his "POP" taking a snooze.
Celebrating Addie's fifth birthday.
Four of the five cousies, Lucas was sleeping.
A short visit at The Honey Hut so Addie could meet My Lovelies.
And a family photo of us all.

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