Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This And That.

Pug is a bit wary of the Christmas tree...she can't quite figure out why I brought that tree in and put all that stuff on it. She spends minutes on end sniffing and sniffing (OH THE SNIFFING!) the branches and poking the ball-looking ornaments with her nose. I fear a stroke will overcome her when I put the train underneath.
Taking a break from the sniffing.
We are experiencing an icy cold snap, I can't remember the last time it was this cold. We expect high teens tonight, I worry about My Lovelies (I keep checking on them). Really wish I had installed a Chicken Cam about now. Yup I said it. I've taken the chicken-crazy to a whole new level. Luckily I'm in good company because I spoke to two other girlfriends today who raise chickens and we shared tips/reassured each other about what to do with young chickens in cold temperatures.
My Littles have the stomach flu. All of them. It is not fun. And I'm happy their school is so close to home because I've been called twice in the last two days to come get them. Poor darlings. So sad to see them under the weather.
This guy is dead. Hallelujah. I was out of ideas on how to get rid of him so I just decided fine, let him sleep with the Lovelies (that's him above, sleeping directly under the Lovelies). Big deal. But I was a bit annoyed with the keeping of a skunk; the mess he made, the filling in his hole under the gate every morning, his eating mass quantities of chicken food, not being able to go on the deck/back lawn after 9pm for fear of being sprayed, etc. He was a stinker. The great part is I didn't have to kill him myself. Two days ago his horrid perfume wafted  throughout the neighborhood in the early afternoon. No sign of him since. 

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