Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Slumber Land.

Jenny and Jared went to so much work creating a magical cousin sleepover. My Littles are still buzzing about their overnight trip, they will never forget this treat. A few months back Jenny and I decided to switch up our regular gifting to the cousins by involving The Littles in choosing the gifts and saving money. We met these goals by shopping at the dollar store. Each Little picked out a toy or game for each cousin knowing us moms wouldn't say "No" to the price tag. My Littles were so proud of the gifts they gave, and I could tell Jack and Hank were as well.
While Tim and I slipped away to finish our Christmas shopping, Goo and The Little Girls played and crafted giant paper Christmas trees. Goo stayed for bath, said goodbye to Hank and watched a little of a holiday movie then came home with us while his sisters stayed for the sleepover.
The next morning when we arrived to pick up The Little Girls, Jared told us Jack, Savannah and Ivy woke up at 3:30 am ready to play. They watched shows and played pirate ship to pass away the early morning hours.

Thank you Jenny and Jared for giving Tim and I a little break and for creating fun memories for the cousins to share.

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