Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Visit.

Hello from Spring Break! We have had an exciting few days as Hayley, Logan, Maia and Nate were visiting from New Zealand! If you a newish reader you probably don't know that Hayley is Tim's birth sister, we met her in 2002 on a trip to New Zealand and then saw the whole family when they were on holiday here in California just before Grady was born in 2011. Tim and I have enjoyed Hayley and Logan's company on past visits and their Littles are just as lovely. We have talked excitedly for months about their visit which did not disappoint. While we made sure there was plenty of time for riding bikes in the yard or running around the garden, we wanted to show them Lake Tahoe and what would be the nature-y part of their California visit.
Nate, Maia, Ivy, Savannah and Grady: Eagle Falls/Emerald Bay
First glimpse of Fannette Island.
Photo op and quick break before the hike.
Playing on the beach looking out to Fannette Island. The migratory geese were particularly brave, one bit Hayley on the back and another I had to give the old "swift knee jab to the feathery bird chest" type defense whilst Goo was being preyed upon.
Measuring a grand tree with Little arms.
Littles played Twister and we did a bit of Geocaching around our neighborhood.
It was hard to say goodbye when our time together was up, especially not knowing when we will see them again.
Thank you Hayley, Logan, Maia and Nate for coming to visit, we miss you already!

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