Wednesday, April 15, 2015


On Saturday, Tim and I attended our 20th high school reunion. We attended a small Christian school called SAA and were a close knit class. Tim and I hadn't seen some of these friends since we graduated or since our 10 year reunion and a few we see a couple times a year. For all of us to be in the same space at the same time again well, it was pretty special. Some classmates traveled from so far away, I'm so glad they made the effort. My favorite part was seeing all of our Littles playing together!
Class of 1995. top, l-r: Ansel, Craig, Ben, Johnny, Tim, Liana, Lisa, Bato
middle: Ryan, Melissa, Rene, Kristine, Shelley, Moani, Arlette, Joy, Leilani, Mr, Dunlap (Math Teacher)
front: Tim, Dusty, Maylinda, Eva, Merrilyn, Andrea, Vivian, Julie. Not pictured but at the reunion: Jay, Ginny

I haven't seen Arlette and Johnny but maybe once since high school, which is a real shame. These two were my first friends when I transferred to SAA as a sophomore. We were in a 1st period computer class together and they were so welcoming.
Tim went to SAA for 12 years! He and Jay ran the senior snack shack, here they are reminiscing.
The gazebo in the center of campus.
l-r: Eva, Maylinda, me, Leilani, Shelley.
In the evening, Eva hosted a dinner party for our class at her gorgeous home downtown. She made the evening so special, every detail was curated by her thoughtful attention. More classmates showed up that hadn't come to the program earlier at the school, so lovely to see their faces as well as continue conversations started earlier in the day. Thank you Eva, your home is so lovely.
(thanks for the photos E & L)

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