Monday, April 27, 2015

A Lesson In Patience.

I planted this great varietal of strawberry last spring. High and early production, sweet, decent size, good growth for higher elevations... Then, a small animal took a bite out of every berry in the patch. If I remember right, I ate maybe 5 and likely what was left from the first consumer. BUT! Not this year. There are heaps of red delicious berries waiting to be picked in my garden, and no evidence of vermin.
These last two weeks have been rough. At least one of The Littles has been sick every. single. day. Daily life as we know it has been put on hold; bike rides, trampoline, garden, honey hut project, appointments cancelled and crankiness ensued. My sister Dee Dee was even in town to share baby Finley with family and sadly we missed the entire visit. That was the worst. But today The Little Girls woke up happy and ready to get back to school! And Grady didn't whine at me all day! And so now I can happily say that we have returned to our regular everyday life. It feels so good.

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