Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Holiday, Day 2.

The Little Girls have been begging to visit Fairytale Town so we made a plan and met up with our dear, sweet friends Erin, Ava and Isaiah. Spring is unfolding in the Land Park neighborhood. We couldn't have picked a more perfect day to be out in the sunshine, quite frankly I was dazzled by the blossoming trees.
Savannah, Goo, Ava and Ivy.
All The Littles (look at Ivy cuddling Goo...heart melt).
Put this Goo on a tractor and call it a day cuz there ain't no way this Little is coming off this equipment without crocodile tears and a possible tantrum. (Is farming genetic?...hmm...channeling Nebraska's farmlands and ancestors...)
We love Fairytale Town; $4, cute little trash bins (soldiers), manicured gardens, live farm animals, benches everywhere, THE CROOKED MILE!!!, creative play equipment from long ago. Bonus: The Littles napped on the way home...ahhh...

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