Sunday, June 21, 2015

Easing Into Summer.

Last week I started a bit of canning.
Apricot/Pineapple Jam, Apricot Sauce and Marionberry Jam. I picked a few bags full of blueberries from Dad's ranch to put in the freezer also.
Half of the garlic I planted back in October/November was ready to be harvested. Sadly only this handful of the early variety survived. Gophers stole the majority. This is my first garlic harvest and though I planted 50 cloves, I feel lucky to have these few in my pantry.
Our biggest news out of last week is Charlie. He is a sweet little kitty and accepting his new life at The Hut well enough. I am sitting on the floor of the kitchen right now, listening to him cry in the laundry room. It's pathetic. He misses his sibling kitties.
But why should he? Charlie is barely on his own four paws what with all The Littles' snuggles and cuddles. He is well loved and this is the first time since we've become pet owners that I am shoving off a little and shirking the responsibility onto The Little Girls as they well know they have broke me and now I am the Mom who brings home animals at request. ugh. Kindly Savannah and Ivy do my bidding whenever I tell them what Charlie needs. Food? Check. Water? Check. Outside to potty? Check. Charlie needs some alone time? Check. Charlie is harassing the chickens in their coop? Check. He is keeping them very busy.

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