Monday, June 15, 2015

Baby Finley.

My sister Deanna, brother-in-law Brandon and Baby Finley were in town over the weekend. We were happy to finally meet her. She is precious, smells amazing and is very sweet. She is a content little girl, which of course makes her all the more endearing.
Savannah loved to hold Finley, especially while she slept but was a champ holding her while awake too. Ivy was cautious, watched Finley closely from afar but didn't want to hold her. She told me later she was afraid she might hurt Finley or do something wrong. She kept telling me what a cute baby Finley is.
Goo got a good snuggle in too. I kept asking him if he was done holding her and he said no while petting her soft skin. Their little moment together was sweet.
Having new life in the family is exciting and The Littles talk about Finley often. How she was made, how she was born, how she was made, how she lives far away and how they miss her, how she would love to wear this or that and how cute tennis shoes would look on her, how they want to teach her to hold chickens and ride a's so special to have a new baby girl cousin.

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