Thursday, October 21, 2010


It occurs to me that I may not have been a diligent elementary student. I remember liking school and enjoying my teachers, but when it came down to turning in quality work or doing my very best, I may have fallen short. Today while I taught 80 students how to organize their art portfolios, I had this epiphany and I yearned for a do over. I longed to go back to second grade and more carefully construct my pilgrim hat. I wanted to be in third grade again, working on my "Green Thumb Science Project". Today it was obvious who the over-achievers and the average-achievers were and for a moment I wanted to be little like they are, still caring to impress their teachers and parents. While mentally swimming in the quandary of my past diligence or lack there of, a student named Gage came to my desk. Gage is in third grade, he likes me. He always compliments me on what I am wearing and truthfully I think he bears a little crush for me. He says to me with quivering chin, "Teacher, Stephen says you are too strict." and I reply, "He did? Good." and Gage states, "but Teacher you aren't too strict you are a good teacher." and I say, "I don't mind if he thinks I'm too strict, it doesn't hurt my feelings." Gage smiles, a little confused as to why I'm taking this 'strictness' nonsense as a compliment, and heads back to his desk. I may not have been a diligent student, but what I lacked back then I am trying to make up for that by being a good, albeit strict teacher.

p.s. Welcome Jed to the Honey Hut. Thanks for following, I'm looking forward to reading that new blog.


  1. Too cute! Wish Will was old enough to be in your class. Although... on second thought, he might be your worst nightmare ;) Somehow I don't see him as "quiet thoughtful Gage." He compliments your clothes?! So sweet. You know I think you are the most stylish teacher out there.

  2. Thanks Dusty. We'll have to have an art night some time. I'd love to show you some of the stuff I've done.