Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Brooklyn Flea.

 My Best Girl Leilani and I took a holiday to New York City. First on the list? The Brooklyn Flea. I fell in love just walking down the streets, thinking of ways my family could enjoy living in these neighborhoods if we transplanted here.
Many booths looked like any antique fair, while others were food-vendors and artists. The artists didn't like their art photographed (understandably) which means you will just have to go yourselves and see what beautiful jewelry and paper products the Flea offers.
This is one such artist telling me not to take a photo, she recanted when I bought a piece. Can you guess which one? 
 Oh, I loved this booth. The gentleman here was selling old small restaurant/bar trays, which once held a glass and the bill. I bought two, I wish I'd have bought more.
 Statement ring anyone?
 This vintage clothier was a gold mine. I pulled out a pair of sand colored cowboy boots and a very Jackie O. coin purse. Yes, $10 total.
 Had this bench been at the Sacramento Antique Faire, I'd have bought it. It is now my "unicorn" bench.
 Oh, and this metal dresser too. Swoon.
And in the mirror? The shoppers, behind the camera.

Stay tuned for more of my big city adventure!


  1. Your pics turned out so great! You have such an eye for this stuff. Soooo much fun, my darling friend . . .

  2. Ahhh- the bench! Well I guess that just means more local trips to continue the hunt. ;) LOVE all the pics!