Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Two Things...
First, here is my "needle in the haystack" or my "unicorn" find from the Antique Faire. I have been looking for bedside tables at these antique shindigs for over two years. Of course there was specific criteria from Tim and myself about what we were looking for;
Under $100 for both
Pull drawers for storage
"Good Bones" (in case the color was awful and needed refinishing)
Of course I need to change the pulls, Anthropologie will undoubtedly have what I'm looking for.

Second, and most importantly...Mrs. Plain Jane is back.
Her's is the first blog I ever read, she was my introduction to the blogging world. I thank my lucky stars everyday for the great fortune I have found in her friendship. I love her and you will too.
She is my friend, Jeni (responsible for the photo above).


  1. I truly can't believe I was the first blog you read. Aw. :) I am SO grateful for your friendship as well...it makes life so much brighter! Thanks for the kind words above.

  2. p.s. I CANNOT wait to see the dressers with new drawer pulls by your bedside. At first when I was reading I thought it said "in this case" the color was awful and needed refinishing- I got scared you were saying you didn't like the color anymore! ;)