Friday, October 29, 2010

Greenwich and East Villages, Meatpacking District.

 Quite frequently this last weekend I'd turn a corner or cross the street and my nose directed me to what my eyes had not yet seen, a flower stand. How deliciously sweet these city street moments are! This was a flower shop in Greenwich Village.
 I adore the brownstones (this one a home turned restaurant), and the stoops cast iron railings.
 Oh Marc Jacobs. Little, really? You blow my mind. But if I can't afford to wear your clothes, my Little Girls can't either.
 I ♥ this window display.
 Magnolia Bakery. If they would not have run out of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, I would have bought one.
 The High Line. (Meatpacking District)
View from High Line to the Hudson River/Statue of Liberty.
 Mike and Jo, Leilani's Brother and Sister-in-law (more about those sweethearts coming soon), took us out to dinner in the East Village and to an old friend's Pub. I grew up with Eric Baker, the proprietor of St. Dymphna's, and seeing how he has "made it" in NYC gave me a proud smile.
Eric and staff, the busy-ness of the bar.
 Mike and Eric, high school and now New York buddies.

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