Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day...

I just tore the house apart looking for a photo I have of my Dad from one of his tours in Vietnam. Instead I found this awesomeness. I think about this kid pictured here and how a few short years later his worldview completely changed. My Dad was drafted into the army. He served as a medic through 2 tours in Vietnam. I can't imagine anything more terrifying than fighting in a war, struggling for survival, not knowing what the next minute held or whether or not you'd see your family again. It must take a bravery you aren't sure you have, courage to dig down deep and faith unwavering. Whenever I see an American flag I feel a tingle. When I hear the National Anthem, I blink back tears. It must feel monumentally more to a veteran. Someone who risks their life to preserve the freedom of others. Today I am proud of my Dad and the troops who protect our country and freedom.

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