Thursday, November 15, 2012

What About Goo.

Grady-Goo is very busy lately. While Molly Mae stayed with us, he did his best to make her feel welcome. Boy and dog shared many snuggles and snacks. Every time we walked in the door he went to the window like this pointed at Molly and nodded saying, "dis, dis". I'd let her in on her mat and she watched him ride his bike around the living room.
Molly is now at home with Grandpa Dan, but this doesn't stop The Goo from marching to the window and pointing shaking his head from side to side.
This tiger gets lots of hugs and ahhs now that Molly isn't around.
Without canine distraction, The Goo is back to being very quiet. Which means he is likely standing on a chair or in this case, crawling on the table for a better view at Ivy painting her fingernails.


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