Sunday, July 13, 2014


Grady has been so excited for his "happy birthday". This morning he woke up cheerful and ready for us to sing to him (he sings along with you and also he says "Happy Birthday" back to you instead of "Thank You" and you know what? It feels nice to be wished a happy birthday when it isn't your birthday... he is a sweet boy.
Opening cards and gifts, this one from Auntie Carolyn and Uncle Scot. He was in awe of how far it had traveled when I told him Wyoming is so far away.
All Goo wanted to do for his happy birthday was to take a ride on Grandpa Ddnnn Ddnnn's tractor-backhoe. And he got it. He was so happy to sit on Grandpa Dan's lap and steer, sharing the trip with his sisters.
And then he got his own! Now he can play tractor-backhoe with his Lego guys anytime he wants.
2 was fantastic but 3 looks pretty good on this Goo.

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