Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beetroot, Bees and A Big Boy Bed.

The beets in my garden are delicious, we've been gobbling them up as soon as their shoulders show at the soil's surface.
Krista and I did a bee check and I am delighted we have added a super to our second hive! In beekeeping, the keeper always leaves the original box untouched. The original box is winter food supply for the bees as well as the center of the hive. Any boxes (supers) a keeper adds to the original box is for the keeper. We now have 2 supers meaning we are confident to have plenty of honey for the bees, the Potters and the Bottings.
(2nd super not shown here)
Grady got a Big Boy Bed he call his "Tractor-Backhoe Bed" for his birthday. And while he has been "camping out" in The Little Girls' room these last couple nights, he has done well the nights he did sleep in his new bed.

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