Wednesday, August 17, 2011


On Sunday The Little Girls went to The Ranch while I went looking for a "unicorn" dress to wear to a wedding event, a near impossible mission based on this post-pregnancy canvas. While I was out, Deeds sent me a text about Ivy hitting her head on a rock and how she needed her blanket which she forgot at home. I called right away to find out that this owie was substantial and Dee Dee feared a concussion. When I got home and saw Ivy, I cried. Cried for how badly it looked and cried that I wasn't there to comfort her and kiss her tears away. 
The vomiting started around 1:30 in the morning. We immediately grabbed kids and left for the hospital to see a doctor. After more vomiting, spending the rest of the night/morning in the emergency room, waffling back and forth about getting a CT scan, getting said CT scan and pediatrician visit later, a concussion was confirmed and anything more serious ruled out. Today is our first day with out tummy-aches and vomiting, her headache is gone and I believe she is on the mend with a gnarly goose egg and greenish-purple bruising. Having a injured/sick child is surely a special sort of hell that I hope to have very limited experience in.
 Did you know that a CT scan's radiation output is the equivalent of being exposed to 100 x-rays? Yikes! This scary fact is why we waffled as we did.

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  1. It’s good to know it wasn’t as bad as it looked like, and that any serious complication was ruled out right away. I hope she’s perfectly fine now. Being hurt and bruised is inevitable when growing up, so the very least parents could do is make sure none of those injuries would cause a more serious and permanent damage. Take care!

    Vanessa Adams @ Oshawa Chiropractor