Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Out And About On Oahu.

We went on a few outings while on Oahu, revisiting some of Tim and my favorite spots like The Dole Plantation! I could not wait for The Littles to try their first Dole Whip! (why do they melt so fast?)
They loved it.
While walking around the property, I turned to Tim and said, "This is like Hawaii's Apple Hill." and then we kind of made fun of ourselves a bit for being tourists. I did take away from Dole learning something new, and this is a bit garden-nerdy but, did you know it takes 1 pineapple plant 48 months to produce just 3 fruits? No wonder they are pricey at the market. 4 years for only 3 fruits...crazy.
We drove north across the island to Waimea Bay to watch the big wave surfers. The beach was closed but we watched carefully from the dune above, barely making out the ant-like figures on the distant horizon trying to catch a big one. We saw some great rides and some terrifying crashes.
On another day we visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.
Tim and I have been before but since Savannah is reading a book on Pearl Harbor we wanted to make sure and fit a visit in on the trip. We didn't drag it out with the guided tour or visit to any other historic sites at the museum. Just the movie and the boat trip. A lot was lost on The Littles, so difficult to understand the magnitude of the events leading up to Pearl Harbor let alone the aftermath. One thing not lost on them was this floating cemetery. We have visited my Mom's grave enough for Littles to understand the reverence and sad contemplation of visitors while visiting a cemetery.

On a different day Grandma and Grandpa took the Grand Little Girls to a sea life park!
Look how friendly these tropical birds were!
They came back from their trip telling stories of sweet birds, the turtles, penguins and Addie swimming with Dolphins!

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